Quick tip: Disabling JavaScript with a simple keystroke

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

If you're like me, you will get frustrated with JavaScript from time to time as it can play havoc with voiceover navigation on websites such as Amazon. Here is a quick tip to set up a shortcut to toggle JavaScript on or off...
1. Go into preferences in safari, advanced and check the box that says Enable developer menu in menu bar"

Now, once you close preferences and hit VO M and navigate to the right, you'll find a menu, surprisingly enough called "Develop". In this there are a list of functions, one of which is, yeah yeah, you're already ahead of me, "Disable JavaScript"

If you're happy to do it this way, then read no further, however, if you want a sexy little keystroke to toggle JavaScript on and off, keep reading...
2. VO M, go left and scroll down to "System Preferences", go to keyboards and select the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab. Now find "App Shortcuts" in the first table, tab across and find "Add".

3. Select "Safari" in the drop down box that appears.

4. In the following field "Shortcut Title" type:

Disable JavaScript

This has to be exactly as written above, capital D, J for Java and S for Script, no space between Java and Script. Just copy and paste, save yourself the headache. It has to be correct as it is calling the function.

5. Now move to the "Keyboard Shortcut" field and perform your preferred shortcut, I use Shift, Command J.

6. Hit "Add" And you are done.

Now, when you are in Safari and encounter annoying JavaScript that sends VO nuts, just hit Shift, Command and J. You may need to refresh the page with Command R to let the setting take effect.

Note: JavaScript, though problematic, is needed for many websites, so when you are done, make sure you switch it back on.


The more observant of you may have noticed "Disable Images" in the "Develop" menu. And yes, you can do exactly the same. I often turn off images if I'm trying to limit data use when tethered to my iPhone, or if a connection is especially slow. Repeat the above instructions replacing "Disable JavaScript" with:

Disable Images

Capital D and capital I. Unfortunately the shortcut, shift, command an I is already taken, so I use shift, command, option and I to toggle images on and off.

And there we have it. Any similar tips in the comments below. Let me know how you get on and if you do have any problems, give me a shout.

Further note:

When adding the shortcut, don't panic when command tab doesn't work, I believe this is a bug. Simply closing the window with command W will sort this.



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