OCR with Smart Scanner from Shape Services


This guide has been archived, as it is likely to be out of date for most users and use cases.
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This guide describes the process of taking a picture and reading a document using Smart Scanner by Shape Services.

Capturing a Document

Perform the following steps to take a picture of a document:

  1. Locate the button labeled “FullScanBtn”.
  2. Raze the iPhone about 8 inches above the paper.
  3. Move the iPhone so that the camera is as close to the middle of the page as possible. Keep in mind that, because the camera is at the top right corner of the back of the iPhone, you will need to move the iPhone in a diagonal direction toward the left a bit. This will take some practice, so be ready to try and retry.
  4. Hold the iPhone as still as you can, and double tap the “FullScanBtn” button.
  5. Hold the iPhone still for about a second. You will hear the camera snap a picture.


While the image is being processed, you can tap the upper middle of the screen, then swipe left/right to hear the status, and a progress bar. When OCR processing is finished, you will be shown the first line of the document. If you want to read the entire document, just double tap the edit button. The entire document will be read automatically.


I prefer this OCR program to SayText for the time being. This is because with SayText, you must be very exact in positioning the iPhone, and positioning the iPhone has proven to be difficult for my sighted coworkers. With Smart Scanner, I have been able to read a few documents now unaided. That isn’t to say that I haven’t had to go through some trial and error to get there, however. Still, once you get the hang of this, it should help identify those pesky paper documents.



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