Obtaining a refund for inaccessible apps

To request a refund for an inaccessible app, follow these steps:

  1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC. If you are already signed in, skip to step 4.
  2. Choose Store > Sign in.
  3. Enter your account name and password, then click the Sign In button.
  4. Choose Store > View My Account:
  5. Click the Purchase History button:
  6. Click the Report a Problem button at the bottom of your purchase history:
  7. Click the arrow next to the purchase with which you want to report an issue.
  8. Click the Report a Problem link next to the item with which you wish to report an issue.
  9. Click the Problem menu:
  10. Choose the option that best describes the issue. In the case of inaccessible apps, I generally choose "My concern isn't listed here."
  11. Write comments about the issue: tell them that you are a VoiceOver user, and that the app in question is not accessible with VoiceOver. Tell them that this means you are not able to use the app. Ask for the purchase to be cancelled and a refund issued. Thank them.
  12. Click the Submit button:

Now sit back and wait for an email from the iTunes Store's Customer Support team. Typically this is within 24 hours.



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Easier way

Hello. you can use the email address iTunesStoreSupport@Apple.com for an easier way to get a refund. Just email them about the app that is inaccessible.