New Voices Introduced in iOS 9

There were new TTS voices for VoiceOver when iOS 9 was released. Samantha used to be the only english VO voice available, also including Alex. But Apple has now added the Siri Male and Siri Female voices, each of them with enhanced quality voices included.
To change the TTS voice of VoiceOver, go to
Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Speech.
Select the Default Dialect option.
Now, you can flick right until you hear "Siri Male (Default)." This is the default voice of Siri Male. If you flick right again, you will hear "Siri Male (Enhanced)." This is the Enhanced quality voice for Siri Male. Flicking right again, the same things will be found with Siri Female.
Note: You will need to download the Enhanced voices that need some of your storage.

While you are using these voices, you may want to switch back and forth without going to Settings and all of that.
Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Speech > Add New Language.
Choose the language you want to put in the language rotor, and double tap on it. You can then download TTS voices to the language rotor and use the regular rotor gestures to change them. Remember, the rotor gesture is where you turn your fingers on the screen like a knob.



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Thank you!

Cool! I was really sad with the voice quality in ios 9, but this tip on choosing a different voice fixed my problem! Samantha default sounds much better! :)

No problem! :)

No problem!
Also, I would prefer Samantha Default, although in my AppleVis podcasts I did I used Samantha Enhanced and Siri Male Enhanced.


I've heard there's a "black Seri" called Seriqua, with an African-American voice. Is it real, or just someone's practical joke? I'd like a black American voice in honor of both Black History month, and in memory of the late great Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire, who passsed on on Feb. 3. I mean, they have Irish English, East Indian English, and goodness knows what. But they have no black American voices, or Caribbean voices.

As far as I know

As far as I know, there are no black american voices for siri.

More info

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You may wish to expand this guide to include how to add more than one TTS via the language rotor. For example, I often use Alex as my TTS, so that's my default, but I also have U.S. Siri Male and Brittish Siri Female as options in the language rotor.

I've done it

Hey Scott,
I've done what you said. Perhaps you should check it out and see if I have any typos in there or anything that is fixable? Thanks.

I should learn how to read

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I apparently need to learn how to read. I'm sorry. That said, there was no bad intent behind my suggestion.


What do you mean?