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On the Apple Watch, you can save the names of twelve contacts, and access those contacts at any time by pressing the "Friends" button (the rectangle next to the digital crown). That's great, but what if you have more than twelve friends? What if you have a set of family members and a set of business contacts, but don't want the two all mixed together? The answer: groups.

Similar to groups in contacts on most platforms, the Apple Watch lets you make groups into which you can place different people. Family, friends, coworkers, book club members… Anything you want. The only major restrictions are that you can have only twelve contacts per group, and that no contact can belong to more than one group at a time.

Setting It Up

The process for doing this is pretty straightforward, but not necessarily obvious. It took me a bit to get it working, and that was only after I found out that it existed at all. Here's what to do:

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone, and choose the 'My Watch' tab.
  • Double tap Friends, and notice the layout: an edit field, your contacts' slots, and a page adjustment control.
  • Use the text field to name the group (called 'Friends' by default). You can also keep this name and make a new group with a different name if you want to.
  • To create a new group, find the page adjustment control and swipe up to move to the next page. You'll be placed in an empty group; use the text field to name it, then the twelve slots to add contacts.
  • Bonus tip: on any contact already in a group, move the contact's position by simply swiping up or down with one finger on the name. VoiceOver will announce the new slot and where in relation to an existing contact the new one is being placed.

Accessing on the Watch

Now that you have your groups set up (don't worry about saving, this all syncs to the Watch in real time), you're ready to use those groups. Hit the 'Friends' button on your Watch, which is the rectangle next to the digital crown. You'll land in the screen you know already: the first of the groups. Simply use two-finger swipes left or right to move from group to group. That's it!

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