A Guide to WhatsCall for iOS

This is a guide for how to use the WhatsCall app on iOS, the free calling app for iPad and iPhone. ###What is WhatsCall? WhatsCall is a totally free calling app for iPad and iPhone, that allows you to call many different places, without the other person you are calling having to download WhatsCall. There are no in-app purchases, instead you earn credits daily and watch ads to earn them. ###Tell Me More! If you check in daily to WhatsCall, you get 100 credits per day, and when the week ends, if you checked in for all the days, you get 1,000 credits.

Getting Started with WhatsCall

This app ismostly accessible with VoiceOver, however that does not stop you blind or low vision users from using it. When you launch WhatsCall, first you must create an account. It will require things like email address, password, phone number, etc. NOTE: Your phone number will be used on WhatsCall, it will not create a new phone number for you.

Screen Layout

Once you create your account and verify your phone number, you will be put in the Recents tab. This app is split into sections, meaning certain things are in certain tabs. The first tab is your Recents tab. In this tab you can access your most recent calls. The second tab is your Contacts tab, where you can view your Contacts. NOTE: You must allow WhatsCall access to your contacts in order for your contacts to show up. The third tab is your Keypad tab. Here you can type in a phone number. This part is the part where things are not as accessible, but we will get there later. The fourth tab is your Credits tab. Here, you can easily make adjustments to your check in settings, watch ads to earn credits (ads are easy to close which will be explained later), and check your credit balance. Again, no in-app purchases. And finally, the fifth tab, is the Settings tab, where you can look at your profile and check call rates for how many credits it takes per minute, depending on the place.


The Recents tab stores all your calls you have made recently. By double tapping on the person&'s name in your contacts or the phone number, it will immediately put you into the call, otherwise, there is a button labeled Arrow More that you can press to view info. ###Contacts In your Contacts tab, you can view all your contacts, and easily call them by double tapping on their name, and scrolling down and double tapping on their phone number. Like I said in the brief getting started section, you must allow WhatsCall to access Contacts.


Again, like I said in the getting started section, this part of the app has some accessibility issues, so follow this guide to know what to do. The Keypad, as described in the getting started section, is for typing in a phone number, by using the built-in app keypad. In the Keypad tab, the first thing you will see, is a button labeled United States. This button will allow you to pick which place you want to call. There are certain amounts of credits used up per minute for each place. To find out more info, visit the Settings tab and tap on the rates option. Next to the United States button, you should see how much credits you have for calling. Then, you will see your display, where your number will be displayed as you type. The Keypad requires a little patience however. Next to each number will be an unlabeled button, which is actually the same thing as the number before it. For example, the after the number 1 is still going to be 1. You can either tap the number value, like 1, or you can tap the button next to it, which would still be one. After some of the unlabeled buttons you will see letters, like when you have hints on and you are typing your password, these are listed as follows: 1. ABC 2. DEF 3. GHI 4. JKL 5. MNO 6. PQRS 7. TUV 9. WXYZ After the keypad, you will see a call button, press this to start the call.

While In a Call

During a call, you will see how much credits remaining, and also how many minutes remaining. You will also see the time counter, which counts how much time you have been in a call. You will also find a end call button, which is weirdly labeled but easy to identify. When you start a call, you will hear some nice quick tones, meaning it is connecting your call. Once it connects the call, you will hear the familiar call tone noise, meaning it is calling the other person. NOTE: The other person does not have to have WhatsCall.


In the Credits tab, you will find a menu button, where a didn't get your credits button is found. NOTE: Due to accessibility ratings, you must press the didn't get your credits button in order to exit that menu. You will also see your credit balance and your check in settings. In check in settings you may choose if you want WhatsCall to remind you to check in if it sees you are not, or you can set it to off. The default is on. You will also find a watch regular ads button and a watch video ads button. Those two buttons will give you 50 credits each when you press either one of them. NOTE: For basic ads, you must wait half a minute before watching another one. However you do not have to do this with video ads. After those buttons you will also find a n invite friends button. This button allows you to invite friends to WhatsCall. Note: If this is your first time using WhatsCall, you will also be able to complete your profile to earn credits. When you invite a friend, they must create an ccount and type in your WhatsCAll code for both or more of you to each get 1,000+ credits.

Watching Regular Ads

To watch regular ads, tap on the Watch Regular Ads button, the first button before the video ads button. Ads are easy to close, by simply pressing the close advertisement button. Like I said above, you must wait half a minute before watching another one. When you watch a video ad, you do not have to wait, unless it is still preparing videos to watch. Tap on the watch video ads button and watch the ad, then, when the ad finishes, there will be a letter l. By tapping on this letter l, the ad closes. Again, each ad you watch earns you 50 credits. ###Completing Your Profile YOU can complete your profile if you are a first time user, by pressing this button. You can add details, such as birthday, full name, etc.

Inviting Friends

In the inviting friends section, you can find a cross button, which exits out of the section, your code, and a share button. When you find the Share button, an iOS pop up appears, allowing you to share via Airdrop, Message, Mail, etc.


The settings section is the most easiest of all to explain. In your settings tab, you can see your name. By double tapping on it, you can see more info, and also edit it. The next button is the call rates button, where you can find how much credits is required for each place you're calling. For United States, 120 credits are lost per minute. You may think this sounds horrible, but not when you have a lot of credits. Hope this guide was helpful, if there are any errors use the comments section or go to my profile.



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#1 Calling Apps

Thanks for writing this; it was pretty informative and I'm always glad to see more calling apps like this exist. For the record though, there are a huge number of free ones out there which actually work surprisingly well if you live in Canada, the US, or a few select other places. Magic Jack, Vonage, and I believe Google Hangouts will all place phone calls within Canada and US for free. I don't know how their international rates compare to the rates on this app, so having this one is still potentially useful. My main concluding point: Shop around in case you can get what you want for free.

#2 When i call i hear the intro

When i call i hear the intro music but don't hear the call. Iphone 5s and ios 10.

#3 Try the following steps:

Try the following steps:
1. Restart your iPhone.
2. If you have a landline phone, use it to dial your iPhone.
3. Make sure that the music turns off when the ringtone is about to happen.
4. Answer the call from the landline phone on your iPhone and see if you still hear the music. You might want to be a few steps away from the landline phone so you don't get as much feedback.
Hope this helps and good luck!

#4 Well,

Skype sounds a lot less complicated.

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