A Guide to EveryCord: An iOS 11 Screen Recorder

EveryCord is a new screen recorder for iOS 11 that allows you to record your device's screen. You used to have to jailbreak or get some app that allowed access to it, but now that iOS 11 supports screen Recording, it is now in the App Store.


The first time you open EveryCord, make sure to read what it says right next to the Recordings button.

Other than the Recordings button, there is a Settings button which is unlabeled.

The settings button is the first button encountered in the app. You can adjust things like audio quality, device orientation, number of channels being recorded, etc.

You also have the Record button, which is for Recording, and a broadcast button for broadcasting.


To record, you must make sure that the recording button is selected. This doesn't actually start the recording, it tells the app that's what you want to do, record. Not broadcasting.

Now, you have to tell the app you want to record. To do this,

1) Open the Control Center.

2) Navigate to the screen recording button, and use your Rotor actions and pick Open Controls.

3) There will be two options now. There is Camera Roll, which is the default screen recorder, and then there's EveryCord. Select the EveryCord button.

4) If you want microphone audio on, turn that on to the right of the start broadcast button.

5) And lastly, hit the start button and it will start recording.

Note: If you are using an iPhone, your VoiceOver's speech will go to your earpiece. This is so that you can record your actual device's audio. It will only do this with microphone audio enabled.


To broadcast, simply follow the same steps above, but instead you must enter in the URL by opening the source from your computer, find the URL and insert it into the field.


I hope this guide gets you started with EveryCord. If you have any questions, feel flaever to leave a comment here, or use my contact page.

Good luck!



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#1 VoiceOver volume

I have an issue with the native screen recorder in ios 11.2.5. The volume of voice over is very low during playback and this is because the voice over is heard through the earpiece during recording. I found Every Chord and on testing I realized that the voice over is going through the earpiece also.
I could not play back the video because the play button is dimmed. Has anybody successfully tested this app ? And what was the volume of voice over during playback. Voice over is important in my playback.

#2 The developer is

The developer is currently fixing this issue. And EveryCord, all though it goes to the ear piece, it still records VoiceOver.

#3 Quick Question

When recording with this app, will it include the Voiceover voice? Can I make a demonstration recording so that people will be able to hear Voiceover? Thanks.

#4 Only slightly

You can hear it, but you must increase your voice volume on VoiceOver.