How to quickly send an audio message on iOS 8


This guide may no longer be accurate or up-to-date for most users and use cases. We're keeping it online as a courtesy to its author, but we consider it archived.

Before writing this guide, I have searched the Applevis site about this topic. According to the treads I have read, some people are having difficulties to make this feature work.

This guide will not make your raise to record feature to work consistently because to tell you guys honestly, that feature is a hit and miss, more often the lattar. So without further ado, here are the steps.

Note: This tip only works on the message app, so if you are trying to do this on the quick reply view, this is not going to work.

1. Double tap and hold on the record audio button and speak your message while holding the button.
2. When you are done, swipe your finger up, and your audio message will be send immediately.

That's it! I hope you guys found this helpful.


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