A Guide to Using the Google YouTube App for iOS with VoiceOver


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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

OK here is what I found using the new Youtube app. At first it confused me a lot. The interface really could be a lot better. But one can work with it. If one knows what is going on.

OK. This one is more challenging that the one I wrote for netflix.

When you open the new Youtube app. It brings up a screen. There is a list of videos. And a guide button and a search button at the top of the screen.

To sign in You have to select guide I think. Then sign in and settings is somewhere on the top of the screen.

I used split tapping to select sign in. Then it will show the sign in screen.

I think when your setting this app up it is best to drag your finger across the screen and double tap to select something when you find it.

When you get more familiar with the app. I think flicking works OK.

There really isn't too much in the settings option.

To get out of settings find the guide button at the top left of the screen.

This will show you a bunch of options. If your signed in your channels that you subscribe to will show first.

Then a much of Youtube categories will show.

Choose what you want and double tap it.

This will bring up a bunch of videos for that item you selected.

To play a video find the one you wish to play and simply double tap it.

The now playing screen is the one you will end up on. It will play the video.

The now playing screen should be flicked as this gives you a better idea of what is going on and leaves some of the extra content your not interested in out. So let's say you want to know the likes and dislikes of the video as well as when it was posted. Go to the back button at the top of the screen and flick right to read this screen.

You have back search like dislike more replay and some other options I can't tell what they are right now. Then you come to now playing suggestions and comments buttons.

You then have the person who posted this with an option I guess to subscribe to them.

Then the title of the video, likes and dislikes, when it was uploaded and how many views it has had.

If you click on suggested it will show a list of videos Youtube thinks you will like.

If you select comments. It will list all the comments for that video. As well as a text box to enter your own comment into.

To search for a video. Simply select search at the top right of the screen and type in what you want and submit.

It will bring up a list of videos for you to select from. To play one just double tap it.

To show again the guide of options you have to choose from simply select guide again at the top left of the screen and it will show all the categories for you to choose from.

Oh wow when you are on the search screen there is a search voice button. You simply hit that. Wait for a beep and say when you want to search for and let Youtube app do the rest.

I really hope this helps. I am probably missing a ton of stuff. And some other ways to use this app. But I wanted to share as I found some people were having trouble with it a bit. Also even when your signed in it will say sign in when you see that on your screen. If you signed in successfully and your channels that you subscribed too are showing don't worry about this. It should say sign out I think. But oh well.

Hope all this helps someone.


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