A Blind Legend - Scene 26

In this guide I talk about
A Blind Legend
Scene 26. This guide talks about being prepared to fight the king.

The king is a strong fighter, including your character Edward Blake. If you have mastered your sword skills by sliding quickly enough to the left, up, or right, you will succeed, otherwise go back to other scenes and practice.

Scene 26.

You are walking. Your daughter is leading you to the banquet hall, but you need to fight guards.
Try to determine where your opponent is, then strike him.
After you have fought, your daughter finally leads you to the door to the banquet hall, but wait! A person wants to battle you!
Fight with your sword skills, then when he's defeated, A Blind Legend will say "loading." Then you are in the banquet hall. This is where your wife is being held.
The music stops. Edward Blake talks, making the audience quiet. After his quote, the guards draw their swords. The king appears, telling them to put them away. One of the guards panics, then the king interrupts.
He walks towards you, now with his voice in the center of your head if you have on headphones.

After all of the quotes have been said, Edward draws his sword, so does the king.
Hint: Do not strike when the king is talking, otherwise he'll get a chance to strike back. Strike at a not too soon, not too late moment.

At the end of the battle, the king falls. This is not the end of him yet, he still breathes. Do not let him do this, otherwise he will kill you, making you loose a life. If he's breatheing at the end, but on the floor, strike him, and that's it! You've killed the king.

I hope this guide helped you with A Blind Legend Scene 26.



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#1 Scene riding a horse

Hi. Can you explain to me how to past the chapter that a blind knight ride a horse in the forest? I always stop when i ride a horse and get stuck on the tree.. Thanks before.

#2 Which scene is

Which scene is this? Edward Blake goes through many scenes where horses are chasing him, but I don't know any scene about riding a horse. Unless it is scene 9, the horseback chase.

#3 More info about Scene 9

Scene 9 the horseback chase is a chapter where you have to slide your finger quickly enough to the left or the right. Swipe up to jump. If you don't slide quickly enough, your daughter will tell you to "look out!"

You get to a point where you have to jump off a cliff or something. When your daughter says "now!", immediately slide your finger up. You've passed the scene.

#4 Scene 26 question

I just have a question on seen 26. When the king falls to the floor, and he is still breathing, if you wait a while, he will attack However, does this attack come from behind? I have my shield up, and I cant manage to block it. And, before the fight with the king, does anyone know who is the man who says so we meet again Blake?

#5 There is no

There is no way to block the king's attack when he falls. He might of striked from behind, I don't know. And about the man before the battle of the king, I heard his voice in one of the scenes I just don't know which one.

#6 Reply to Igna

The man is from Scene 16 where your daughter got poisoned and then you walk by yourself.
You get guided by this man, and then guards try to kill you. After defeating those guards, the man you were talking about from Scene 26 is introduced. That is the one that says "so we meet again Blake."
He goes by the name Lord Stilton.
He was leading the capture of the wife in Scene 1.