Continuous Scrolling in iOS

Hello, I recently discovered a new way of scrolling and thought it was a bug until I read it in Apple's iPhone User Guide. I also wanted to post it because I couldn't find anything about it on AppleVis so forgive me if I'm repeating something that's already known. Instead of using 3 fingers to scroll, I've been able to scroll by using one finger to double tap and hold and then moving in the direction I wish to scroll. This gesture seems to work everywhere including the home screen. To successfully use it in the home screen, make sure you swipe your finger before VO announces that it's moving the app you selected. While it's not too useful in the home screen, I found it useful in Safari, Mail, Settings, and any other app that has multiple pages. It's also very useful for pickers and table indexes. For example, when browsing contacts, you can find the table index and then double tap and hold then swipe up or down to move to the desired letter. As you move your finger, VO will announce the different letters. I find that this works much faster than flicking up and down. HTH Walei



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#1 H, doesn't it mess up your

H, doesn't it mess up your home screen layout?