youtube tv

I encourage everyone to contact google accessibility and let them know that the activation instructions for activating the new youtube tv app on an apple tv is not accessible. Nothing can be read on this screen so therefore you need sighted assistants to activate youtube tv on an apple tv.


Audio description for blind users

I cannot get audio descriptions to work on any programs that have previously been aired on regular TV with audio descriptions.
I believe this is a violation of the FCC that audio descriptions are not made available for blind TV users.
I am talking about programs like The Big Bang Theory, and criminal minds, as well as Blue Bloods.
I know that these programs have audio descriptions of when aired on their regular program scheduled time.
If anyone knows how to access audio descriptions for the programs I mentioned above or any others please let me know.
I have a free promo that ends on July 10. I intend to call them on Monday to ask them about this issue.
If this issue cannot be dealt with at this time, I will let my promo expire and do not intend on subscribing until then.
If any of the Applevis people who monitor and run this site can help as well that would be appreciated.
Thank you