Youtube is driving me insane!

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OK, this is driving me crazy! It seems like ever since I got my iPhone 7 Plus, as well as my iPhone X, in both cases, I can't submit any video anywhere! Primarily, it's Youtube, but even Dropbox isn't working! I'm on standard definition, 700 whatever, don't recall the exact number resolution under iOS settings>camera, In the Youtube app, I'm on the same thing. I go to my camera roll, double tap select, find the video, double tap to select it and hit share, Double tap Youtube, it then pops up a screen that Voiceover can't focus on. Not eaven restarting VO helps. Touch exploration doesn't work, flicking won't work, nothing! Nada! Apple accessibility screen shared and told me it was converting. OK, yeah, fine, whatever. So that sat there for all the do da day, then after about 30 minutes, it finally popped up, and I filled in title, description, tags, category, yoddie yodda. I then hit the publish button, and then the nightmare begins. This thing's only a 10 minute video. First I've ever done, but, only 10 mins! I even tried with something 5 mins, no good, so it's not a time limitation, I don't think. Anyway, it's just sitting here like a dork, and not uploading. It gets about 90% then just hangs. I've redone the video multiple times, no good. iCloud foto sharing is on. When I look under camera roll, it says 2 videos paused uploading for consuming battery life. I plug my lightning cable in, phone to USB mac, hit resume. It then says reuploading, but in the Youtube app upload, not the iCloud upload, it only gets again to 90%. Even when on the God bless America charger. I used to have another Youtube channel back in the days, and never ever ever! had this issue. I thought I'd just cheat, and upload share to Dropbox, but nope? Error 413. It won't upload. I'm about to throw this thing out the window! LOL! OK, not literally. Can anyone reproduce this on any build of iOS11 with either an iPhone 7/7 Plus, or an iPhone X, even better yet? I'm totally clueless here! Nope? Not on any beta private nor public. This is totally the official iOS release build. I think 11.2.5 isn't it? Excuse me, but, W? T F!


YouTube restrictions

I've heard that Youtube is getting very tight on people posting content. You may have to contact them and find out what is exactly going on.


I notice that youtube is not loading all videos. This looks like a bug.