wondering about the Current state of accessibility for Spotify

I was wondering if someone could briefly explain the current accessibility issues with the web client of Spotify when using voice over on the mac. I signed up for a free account last night and I love the service on my phone. I am seriously considering spending the ten bucks a month for the premium account but if I can't enjoy the service on my mac I don't think i'm interested, partly because of how much I use my mac and partly out of the principle of the matter. From what i have read I got the impression that the web client is pretty much unusable, but in the few minutes I have played with it I don't think its all that bad. its a little awkward but I have been able to search for things and play songs. has its accessibility improved? or is it just that there are other aspects of the service I have not got to yet that are in accessible? Thanks.



On the iOS side spotify is some what accessible but there are still some unlabeled buttons but as far as the mac version gos I am not able to tell you if it is accessible or not because I don't have a mac.


The Mac version is not accessible at all. I think people have requested Spotify to make changes but they don't care at all.

The mac app is inaccessible but...

yes the mac app is inaccessible which is a shame, but I can't see how this is a huge deal since from my experience the web client is accessible so you can use spotify on your mac perfectly fine. unless I am missing something.

Spotify Web Client

Hi all,
I have just been playing with the Spotify web client... And I actually can't figure out how to do much more than play all search results. Once they're playing, I can't change the volume, which seems to e a bit of a show stopper.

I'm considering just delving in and writing a desktop application which will work on both OS X and Windows, but it'll be a lot of work.

Is this something people will be interested in? If anyone fancies helping out, that would be awesome too! :-)


new spotify client

I would be very interested in that, and I'm sure many others would as well. There is a very poorly made script for the Windows side called SpotifyBlind, but it is very slow and a bit of a pain to navigate and use all of the program's features. I'd love to help you in any way possible with this as well.

on the mac

The mac app is not accessible at all, and the web version seems a bit weird to me, it is partly accessible but not enough to make it usable. I would really like spotify to become accessible, so if I can help just ask :-)

Spotify On Mac

There's another way to have spotify on the Mac or PC. You can use an XBMC add on called SpotIMC and that is accessible with Vo or any windows Screen reader. You would need to get XBMC along with the add on that makes it accessible called XBMC TTS before you get SpotImC. That's what I use for listening to Spotify on the computer.


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Yes, and its getting the xvmc tts plugin to work that is the hardest part for me. Running xvmc 14 beta.

It works on iPhone 5S

I've had my phone for about a month and a half now. This is my first iOS device. I've gotten Spotify to work well. I've only had to label a couple of buttons. I can't figure out how to do one thing. If anyone can tell me how to tell when someone sends me something., I would appreciate it. Thanks.