Who needs guitar hero? Try Ocarina2

The strange thing about this game is, it's free… The original Ocarina still being sold for $.99, and this, as far as I know, does the same thing. I don't get any more crashes when I try to save the settings, and I'm able to play the songs. I've mastered one already, and I'm on my way to a second and third. This game absolutely rocks.


Who Makes This Game?

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Is this the app made by Smule? If so, at least in the Canadian App Store, it costs $2.99.


I've just checked, and it's $2.99 in the US app store too.

Really? I got it a while ago,

Really? I got it a while ago, so it must've been a good deal! Hopefully, It will Be free again again soon.

ocarina 2

Hi. yep 2.99 in the australian app store too. I have bought it though it will be worth it if it's accessible. any tips for playing?

Just listen to the preview of

Just listen to the preview of each song. The tutorials not accessible, so don't bother. I need to turn off voice over to actually play.

ocarina 2

Hi. so I listen to the preview and then try to play it?

Hi. I'm not sure how to

Hi. I'm not sure how to play. are the notes on the screen? the instrument is really soft so I can't really tell if I'm hitting the right note or not. Can you give me a hint about where the notes are placed?

Well, you have to blow into

Well, you have to blow into the microphone to hear the notes. It's just like a flu. There are four holes. They are near the center of the screen, and he told the something different when you hit it. The note 2 different combination of holes. The lowest note is the tools on the right side, for example.

HI. thanks. I got my son to

HI. thanks. I got my son to read me the tutorial today and I am getting the idea of it. I just have to figure out which combinations give me the right notes. I am up to 18 percent at mastering a song. Never would have thought of blowing in the microphone though without you telling me and my step son explaining it.