Where I'm at, after formatting.

Hi all. Well, long story short, is my hard drive has a ton of currupt backups. So, after finally giving up, I reinstalled the OS. However I didn't lose much, which is fine. I am confused now, why the phone won't sync. It says, insert song name, won't play because it's not able to play on this iphone. I have 132 songs on the phone, ninety three on the pc. I can't find any available downloads either. I did transfer purchases, so now it has all my apps, I'm just confused. If anyone can help, I'd be willing to go into a backup and copy and replace the library folder if that might help.


#1 Hello. I normally ignore

Hello. I normally ignore these errors. but did you ake sure you checked music under itunes and make sure what you want was selected?

#2 I had thought so

I'll double check, thanks for the suggestion.

#3 Thanks but no dice fixing this.

Hi. Thanks for your response, unfortunately some of this is unreleased rare stuff on the phone. as well I don't have another two albums I know for a fact should have downloaded. I might see if i can dig through and copy and paste the itunes library replacing whatever. Ugh, all because flash didn't work on the main account. Which, it does.

#4 Purchases Are From Apple

Purchases don't include anything outside Apple's stores. You can't transfer anything bought outside Apple from your phone. You must already have a copy on your PC.

Hopefully, you have another copy of that stuff, since it wasn't transferred from your phone.

#5 I dug deep

I unlocked permission to the music folder and downloaded onto the phone what i lost, again, it was not showing up in the available downloads on a MAc. God help me if i tried this on a PC. So now sync, phone should be fine, find other rare things I don't have and I'm done. Then reformat the external.

#6 It's about settings


Firstly, you need to copy the itunes library.itl and .xml files over. These contain all the data synced, and it also prevents iTunes from erasing content from your phone when you sync again. It also contains the file structure of your library.

I would actually recommend that you keep your library stored on an external storage device at all times, since that means you can simply point itunes to the right folder whenever you set it up. You won't encounter possible syncing issues this way with devices, either.

Second, you need to enable the option "Show iTunes in the cloud purchases" under Store in iTunes preferences. This will display all iCloud purchases such as music.

#7 Thanks so much for your help.

Hi. Well I went back into purchased, got most i'd say ninety six percent of what i lost. i'll just search the web for what i lost. I tried to reformat the external, told me something like media kit didn't have enohg room to complete the operation. I was to tired to deal with this yesterday. I'll get that soon, I'll go reformat it in recovery, just not today. :)