When Will the New Apple Watch be Coming Out?

Does anyone Know when the new apple watch is coming out. I heard this month but then I heard something about September. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you all very much.


#1 Maybe Apple will

Maybe Apple will announce the new Apple Watch at next weeks keynote. Or maybe they will announce it at the event in September.

#2 Probably Not until Fall 2016

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Hi Steve,

While at first it sounded like there was going to be a new Apple Watch at the March event, the rumor mill is now projecting that we'll see a new Watch later in the year. So, my best guess is that we'll possibly see a new finish available (similar to the gold finish introduced on the Sport models in September) at the keynote on March 21, with a fully updated Watch line coming at the September 2016 event.

#3 Hi..


I read somewhere that 2016 is not a year for innovation for Apple. 2016 is more of a refresh and update kind of year. As for the next Apple Watch, maybe in 2017. But it’s all speculation at this point…