when the new weather gods update comes out

when the new weather gods update comes out wil the weather alert feature be available for canada?


#1 Canada

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Hi, yes it will ☺️

#2 In English and French

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We support English and French for Canadian weather alerts as well.

#3 i would assume

I would assume so, but correct me if I'm wrong? I'd assume that because my app language is norwegian, i'll get my weather alerts in norwegian even though I'm in the US

#4 Norwegian

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It depends ... our US alerts are English only, whereas alerts for Norway are English and Norwegian.

Our system supports a preferred language and a default language. If the preferred is available then we use that, otherwise we use the default. The default depends on the country and the National Weather Provider.

In your case, you would receive US alerts in English and Norwegian alerts in Norwegian.

Do you have other weather apps which give you US alerts in Norwegian with full translation for alert details as well?

#5 Question

Hello. This is regarding the issue I reported to you concernning faces and not getting all of the info from the app. Right now only Mickey Mouse face gives me all the info regarding weather while the other faces only give me temperture and feels like ...

#6 Watch Faces

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Hi Holger,

My apologies, yes, it's a bug on quite a few of the faces.

I am looking to fix in the next update.

#7 no i don't

No i don't.
I just figured that weather gods was interpreting the alerts somehow. Forgive me I don't know how severe weather alerts work (although I better learn since I moved to texas).
I just thought that I'd be getting the alerts in the language my app was set to (norwegian) irrespective of country. My appologies.

#8 No apologies necessary

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Hi techluver, nothing to apologize for, it was a good question.

The alerts are generated by each countries national weather agency, hence for Canada we get English and French. For Norway we get English and Norwegian. It seems for the USA, we can only get English.

You are more than welcome to join the beta if you would like to get early access to the alerts?

#9 Thanks for the kind offer

Thanks for the kind offer but I don't really do betas much anymore. I'll wait for the update to drop

#10 I'm using it

I'm using it. And it's pretty stable.