What’s the best external USB storage device for iOS

Hi there, i use iOS with voice-over on my iPhone 5s and was wondering if there’s any external USB storage Devices that I could use to save files to transfer them when I don’t have any Internet connection.
I don’t need anything too complicated, it just needs to be accessible with voice-over.

Would be grateful for any recommendations.


Sandisc iXpand

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I would not call it „the best“, as I have no clue what other products there are and if they‘re any better.
But I am quite happy with Sandisc‘s iXpand USB stick.
It comes in different sizes. I have the 256 gb version. And it has a lightning port on one end and an usb one on the other.
To access it on the iPhone, I use FE FileExplorer Pro. This one costs a few bucks. Don‘t know if the free version of FE File Explorer gives access to it as well.
There are other apps in the App Store which give access to Sandisc iXpand, including one from Sandisc themselves, but I haven‘t tested them, as I am quite happy with the access the Explorer app gives me.
If you have any questions, let me know.

The one I use is accessible

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Well, as I mentioned: I am not using Sandisc‘s own app to manage the USB Stick. The one I am using, FE File Explorer, is pretty accessible. There‘s a free version which can be used to manage the USB Stick as well as Network shares and local files. As it is free, you can give it a spin yourself.
Should you end up not liking this one, just search the App Store for Sandisc iXpand. There are several apps which can be used to access and manage files on the USB Stick.