What is the most user friendly way of streaming Amazon Prime content from an iPhone to a TV?


I have Amazon Prime and have enjoyed streaming old movies and nature TV programs to my iPhone. My mom has recently moved in with me, and I would like to stream these programs to the TV she just purchased, using my iPhone, Apple TV, Fire TV or whatever will work. I've read some of the Fire TV Reviews, and they seem mixed. I tried Apple TV at the Apple Store, and it seemed promising; I wasn't able to find the nature TV show for which I voice searched, but maybe I should have used different search parameters. The salesman at Apple said I should be able to connect to my TV with Airplay but didn't seem too sure how to make that happen. I understand you can do the same thing with Fire TV and an Android, but I certainly don't want to change phones now that the iPhone works pretty well for me. I'd love any thoughts on which device to select and whether I'd need sighted assistance for the setup. My mom is 95 and understandably very tech challenged. Thanks in advance!


Apple TV Highly Recommended

Because you already own an iPhone, the most logical and easiest option would be the Apple TV. Streaming The Amazon Vidio app through the Apple TV works nicely. Since you are already aware of the accessibility features of the iPhone, you would enjoy the same on an Apple TV. I know they both work nicely for me.

Apple TV

I stream video from my phone to the Apple TV fairly regularly. It works well and is quick and easy to get going.

Apple TV

Most of my purchased videos are through Amazon as well, and I've had good luck using Air Play to an Apple TV. I keep hoping that with the new version of the AppleTV, that Amazon will finally make a native app for it, but that hasn't happened yet.