What do people use to create .epub files in Windows?

I manage to get hold of a lot of books in .txt format that I like to read on my iPad. On my Windows machine I've been using a program called Stanza and it's OK, but I'm wondering if there is anything else. What do you use to create .epub files on your Windows machines?


#1 Sigil

Sigil is a bit of open source software that creates an epub from text. I have not tried it out for accessibility, but it should do what you are wanting.

#2 online ePub converter

I found a web site that not only turns your documents into ePub, it converts certain file types as well. There are of course limitations, but it gets the job done. It even handles those annoying .lit extentions. http://www.2epub.com HTH

#3 Sigil Is Totally Inaccessible

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I tried using Sigil on my laptop last night, and found the interface to be totally inaccessible with JAWS 13. There is a menu bar, but nothing gets read when you try arrowing through the various items, or in the menus themselves.

#4 robobraille

I use an online converter called robobraille. It converts text, images, etc. to many different types of media, including other text files, epub, daisy, and synthesized speech audio.