What are some good games?

Hi. What are some good games?


#1 Not braille

What does this have to do with braille? I do believe you put this in the wrong forum.

#2 Right Forum

It actually is in the right forum, it's under iOS Gaming.

#3 I fixed it.

I fixed it.

#4 Diceworld

My all time favorite gaming app is diceworld. It has six dice games and is very accessible. You can play against the computer, against a random player from anywhere in the world, you can choose a game to play and wait in the cue for someone else who wants to play the same game, play against a previous player, or even search for a player by user name or e-mail address. If you choose to challenge me, it will be at your own risk and you have been warned. My user name is wit beyond measure.
I hope this helps

#5 I love Dice World!

I love Dice World!

#6 warning to wit beyond measure

We have lost contact with each other on Out-Of-Sight! It has been a long time since I've heard you on there. I used to live with Wee1. If you get challenges, and losses due to having accepting them, from Charles4209, now you know who it is. Beware!

#7 I'm prepared.

I'm prepared.

#8 What? Charles???

Better be careful my friend, a challenge is coming your way right now. OMG! It is gret to be in touch with you again. Please e-mail me. Wow! My e-mail address is halacooper@gmail.com

#9 still looking for shooting games and action games

I am still looking for some great shooting games and action games !
anything will be release soon?

#10 Looking for games to

I’m looking for great games similar to papa sangre, audio defence, sixthsens etc

#11 if you are looking for arcade games

Look for such games by typing "blindfold" in the app store. You will find such games as break out, pinball, pong, invaders (which is a form of space invaders), and others. Also, there are one of a kind games such as home run derby (a variant of baseball) pool, and others. Have fun.

#12 Hi Hala, I take it if you

Hi Hala, I take it if you were in the harry potter world, you'd be sorted into "ravenclaw!" Personally, I'd be prob in gryffindor. Anyway, I haven't found any great shooting games since somethin' else has fallen off the wagon! I know there are some out there in the app store, but will they work, is my question.

#13 Shooting games

There aren't many accessible shooting games. Shooting games are already hard to program and making them accessible is even harder.

#14 Indeed I am!

Hi Justin,
Indeed, I am a ravenclaw and proud to be one as well.

#15 I'm a Slytherin.

I'm a Slytherin.

#16 Getting back to the topic of gaming

Getting back to the topic of gaming, a game I can highly recommend is fruit pot. It's one of my favourites.

#17 I'm a Hufflepuff. Anyways, i

I'm a Hufflepuff. Anyways, i like virtual pet games and i wish we had more of them. I mostly play Hatchi and sometimes my baby sim and mobile aquarium