What are some accessible facebook group apps?

Hi, everyone! What are some accessible facebook group apps?


For Viewing Groups?

Hi there,
I'm not sure I completely understand. Are you looking for an app where you can view the Facebook Groups you belong to?
If so then I don't know of a good app but you can set groups as favorites that will show in the "More" menu tab at the bottom right of the screen. In my Facebook app I have the top five or so groups right there as well as the most recent feed so I don't have to deal with the weird filtering that Facebook does.
I'm not sure if this helps or not but let me know!


Sorry I couldn't get to this thread I am looking for an app that can notify you when your groups has a new group post. I also want to know what that person is saying. I think I will have to unscribe from facebook emails I am getting to many of them.


I posted some wrong info, but I can't figure how to delete this, lol.