What are people’s opinions of Dice World?

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Hi! I just want to know! What does everyone think about the game Dice World!? I'd really like to know what people think!


Opinion of DiceWorld

Absolutely love DiceWorld. I've been a convert for nearly 2 years now. Love all the games. Accessibility is absolutely fantastic. Fair to say it keeps me entertained for hours on end.

dice world is awesome!

I love dice world, play it every chance I get. I love the auto next game feature. It's really great when you have alot of games in progress and you just want to keep playing. by the way anyone that want to play me my username is hurricanes2000

what do you think of dice world

I love it. I play every day. I also love playing the tournaments. If anyone wants to play me my user name is cjackson102

great set of dice games

Not only is Farkle a good game, which is the one that I was originally interested in, but the other 4 are just as good if not better. Notice that this was not a typo, as I find no personal interest in Pig. I find myself not checking the app each day, so discover over a dozen games waiting for me when I do check, but I play those, then wait for a day or two for more. All in all, Charles4209 loves the app for early morning or late night gaming.

What Do People Think of DiceWorld?

Let me say that I enjoy DiceWorld immensely. However, I hate the nudge feature and have thought many times of deleting the game because of it. I realize folks want others to catch up, but some of us can't be right there all the time. Some have busy schedules, or others may be like myself, having chronic pain issues. DiceWorld helps with this by giving me something to concentrate on; however, some days I just can't play. I usually send a chat message courteously asking the person not to nudge me. I don't miss over two days on a normal scale so I don't need to be reminded every day to play. I've had folks nudge me three or four times for one game. If people don't wish to play with me because I don't wish to be nudged, then so be it. However, when most folks know the situation, they are very nice about it. I just wish the feature were gone.

More games

Could have more dice games and computer players


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I totally agree. They should get rid of the nudge feature or add a do not disturb feature into the app.

Like it

I am playing the game and like it.

Like it

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