Weird notification behaviour in iOS 11.1

Hi Guys,
I've noticed since I think iOS 11.1 that if you receive a notification when the phone is unlocked VO reads the notification in full. However, about 2 minutes later the notification is repeated for no reason. Has anyone else seen this? It seems to be Twitter notifications more than anything else I think. iPhone 6s iOS 11.1.



Yes, I've noticed it too. It always happens when a new text message comes. If it's a bug, it was present in iOS 11 too.

Don't think it's a bug

I have assumed this was a feature. I don't recall which version of iOS I first noticed this, it seems like it's always done this, but it certainly happened before iOS 11. My assumption was that if you didn't clear the notification it would read it again 2 minutes later as a reminder.


I noticed this in iOS 11.1 it was there. It is a bug because normaly if you got a message it tends to repeat 2 times. However the second time it does not read the message instead tells you the time. It can be a pain but I am OK with it.

Text Notification Repeats

There is a setting in the Settings/Notifications/Messages where you can choose to have text message receipt alerts repeated. With this turned on, you will have the exact behaviour you describe.

If this is what is going on, it is a feature, not a bug.

Message repeat

Yes I know about the message repeating after 2 minutes if you want it to. This though, isn't messages this is other notifications. Interestingly on the 2nd repeat you don't get any tones or the usual bings to say a notification has arrived. It is very odd and as I say only happens on an opened phone. If locked you just get the one notification.

Repeating Alerts - Not a Bug

This has been the behavior for a long time. Even if not using VoiceOver one will get a second alert/sound about a notification two minutes after the first alert if you haven't cleared the alert.

This is sort of a rminder that you didn't dismiss a notification so that you don't miss one.


It is a bug

This is a bug. For a while it happen in iOS 10 until they fix the problem. Before you got notification to read you the message twice. Now is a bug because instead of voicover reading the message, it tells you the time. Bug, bug, did I said a bug?