Weird focus issue with Safari

Hi, I am experiencing a strange issue with Safari running latest iOS. every page that I have tried, navigating by headings flicks me back to the reader button after a few seconds, this makes it very difficult to read the content of pages. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


#1 Voiceover focus

Same problem here. This problem first appeared in iOS 12.1.1. I pointed out this issue to Apple Accessibility in December and got the usual automatic response but have heard nothing since. I encourage you to also contact Apple Accessibility. The more voices they hear may serve to escalate the priority of a fix to this issue.

#2 Voice-over is not focusing

I’ve already contacted Apple accessibility, thanks for your response. At least I’m not the only one with this issue. glad to know it’s not just me. Cheerswas

#3 Where are the other users?

Given the frustration this issue causes I'm pretty surprised that no.body else has chimed in on this topic. I'm sure that more people than you and I are affected.

#4 Other Threads

This problem has been discussed in at least two other threads. I suspect that's why you aren't seeing very much activity in this thread.

It is very frustrating and for me, it effects many apps, such as News, Safari, and others that render HTML pages.

My testing suggests it's related to advertising in the page because when I use the News app, the focus jumps to the top of the page every time I get near to an embedded ad.

I really hope this is fixed soon.

#5 Me to

I don’t know Surely we’re not the only ones.

#6 ...

i guess you don't hear much from other users is they believe it won't make any difference, sad for me to say this. the problem in news app is infuriating. first like everybody said, it jump back to the top at some point, but the most ridiculous thing is you can even scroll by page effectively. so you read from page 1 to page 15 and it suddenly jumps back to the top, ok so maybe i could scroll to page 15 and read from there, but no. when i scroll, it jump right back to the top most of the time, so the only way is to read again from the beginning like a good boy, only to have it jump back again at some point, what the hell is that?

#7 A nightmare!

Yes… After postponing updating to the latest version of iOS 12, I finally took the plunge the other day and I am mostly disappointed. I’m not experiencing any new functionality that interest me, but Bluetooth is now buggy and unreliable and this awful focus issue is happening. I don’t know what’s happening to Apple these days but they are really going downhill

#8 Well they’ve released 12.1.3 today

If anyone has updated could you please let us know if the issue has been fixed, I want to update to iOS 12 but I’m worried about this Safari focus problem.

#9 IOS12.1.3 Does not fix focus

As the subject line says iOS12.1.3 does not fix the voiceover focus issue. Very disappointing. From what I've read the news app is still broken also.

#10 Apple says they’re aware

I wrote Apple accessibility about this and they said they’re investigating the issue but don’t have an eta on when it will be fixed. Word in the broader tech world is that the next several iOS updates will mostly be bug fixes and security updates instead of new features so hopefully this issue gets resolved soon

#11 I have the same bug in Safari

What are the other topics where this bug Is Reported? I couldn't find them searching. I shared my screen with an Apple accessibility rep. iHe could see the problem. Told me to factory reset I did that. The problem is still there but not exactly the same. But when I restored my back up, Safari started doing the same focus problems. So, resetting from iTunes on the computer is supposed to be the best way to do this. That's what I did. Instead of over the air updates. It only partially fix the problem. Bringing back my back ups made it messed up again. What are we supposed to do? This is ridiculous!

#12 Other threads

You might try looking here for a start
Beyond that, there have been some comments on the iOS 12.1 blog post expressing the same issue, and I see othqqqqqqqqqqqqer comments in other places as well that the Safari bug is still present for some people, though I haven’t had it myself.
It’s a shame Apple vis doesn’t have a better tagging system, so individual issues could have their own threads which everyone comments on.
It might be an idea to collect all of these separate threads together and send them to the Apple Accessibility team.