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Hi, what are the advantages of weather gods over the standard weather app?


Extremely accessible

Hi Dennis,

Compared to the standard weather app, Weather Gods is so much more interesting and informative.

First of all, besides using text to give you information, the app uses different sounds for different weather conditions. For example, if it is raining when I open the app, I can hear whether we are talking about showers or a downpour.

The app also has a weather wheel which lets you see what the weather will be for the next seven days. Not only can you get a day-by-day view, you can also get an hourly view. This also uses all the weather sounds. This is really helpful in getting an impression of what the weather will be like; even if you don’t read the entire text with Voiceover.

One of the most fun things about the app is that you can get all these features for just about any location in the world. Just for fun, I have Antarctica in my favourites which makes for truly interesting reading in the Winter there.

It’s really a great app and absolutely worth the investment.


Very easy to use, accessible, works well with iPhone and watch, Scott is responsive to questions and respond ASAP, Bugs are address ASAP, and the most important Bella the cat likes it. She would like the name change to Bella the cat.


Another thing I love about WG which the native weather app simply doesn't have are notifications. They can be configured really extensively, so you can receive notifications about as many or as few things, and as many or few locations, as you want. I especially like the ability to receive a textual summary for the next and current day. I have it set up so that I receive it at 7 PM every day for the upcoming day, and then at 7 AM again, now that the day has actualy started.


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Hi Dennis,

Only if you choose to setup 'follow me' and then we use the recommended Apple API to only switch on the GPS radio when you arrive at a destination.

Agreed with Everybody

I don't think I've got much to add here. I have the native iOS weather app on my iPhone, along with WG and the NFB-Newsline app which has a weather section. All are very good, but WG is by far the best and most innovative of them. I've not yet tried getting the weather for other locations, but the app is very easy to use and I love all the sounds. Whenever you tap on one of the gods and they are asleep, they snore. While I don't much care for snoring in real life, this is rather clever. Cannot wait to use it in iOS 13 and perhaps Mac OS Catalina if I can muster up enough dough.

Yes, you can set up realtime

Yes, you can set up realtime notifications easily in the app. For example, you can set up a notification for rain events and WG will inform you a few minutes before the rain is expected to start and give a general indication of how long it is expected to last.



Does also a great job of telling you about sun set and rise. Works well with the watch.

get it

I say fet it! It's extremely 100% accessible. And it's the only app I use for my weather forecasts & alerts now. And Scott added severe weather alerts this summer!
There's a podcast on this app on AppleVis. I suggest you check it out. I wai skeptical at first & now, I'd say it was the best $2 I spent. (that was what it cost then)
I have Nfb-Newsline on there, but in all honesty, Weather Gods is jhe only 1 I use. The only other app I have is for allergy forecasts. Worth every penny.


I am noticing in Serie 5, when using Mickey Mouse, WG does not show in the complication selection. I only see weather condition and weather. Using current OS.

WG Series 5

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Hi Holger,

I now have the series 5 and get the same problem. I will work out the problem and get a fix in the next update. I'm puzzled why it doesn't work though!