Weather Gods Push Notification Problem

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Hi All,

I'm sorry to say that push notifications may well be offline for a while.

We recently (beginning of May) transferred our app to a new company, Weather Gods ltd. The app transfer using the Apple transfer process didn't go so well and we were left with our account in a limbo state.

This was fine whilst we didn't need to make any updates and we raised a case with Apple to resolve the problem. This is still ongoing.

Unfortunately, our push notification certificate has now expired and we are unable to link to the new app until our app transfer problem has been solved.

I have escalated with Apple, but these things take time unfortunately.

It's possible that something might cycle through and allow a new certificate to talk to the old app ... but I'm currently just seeing failures to send pushes.

I'm really sorry about this and hope to resolve it as soon as possible.

Sincere apologies


#1 push notification

Thanks for letting us know. I was concern that I did not got any notification today. Hope this is fix ASAP. We miss using Weather Gods.

#2 push notification

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I have just pushed out a rapid beta to our beta testers, hoping push notifications are working in the beta.

If testing goes well then I will push the build up to the app store.

I'm a bit nervous about this kind of reactive fix but I figure something is better than nothing.

Will keep you posted Holger!

#3 thank you for the info.

hi, i always apreciate your affert to inform us what happend. and some times, things just not quite in our control. so again, thanks again for the info.

#4 Hey.

Totally understand. I hear ya! well, at least the weather gods app is still functioning, it's just not providing notifications. Earlier, I was getting notifications for my location, so no big deal if there's no notifications for a while. Thank god I've got loads of weather apps on my phone incase WG doesn't work!! Look forward to new features/fixes/etc you put into this Scott, and hope all goes well!

#5 Maybe some good news :)

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Hi All,

Have been working with IBM and we might have something that is supporting the old and new app accounts.

I can see push notifications being sent so hopefully people will start to receive them.

Fingers crossed and thank you for your patience.

#6 Hey Scott,

Hey Scott,
Just got notifications, so it looks good.

#7 Good news!

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Thanks Justin.

#8 notification

Nothing so far for me. Will wait to see.

#9 notification

Success. It is working now. Thanks to Weather Gods for telling us about the problem ASAP and getting it fix at lease for me. Nice job. Keep doing a great work.

#10 notification

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Thanks for letting us know Holger.

I'm still noticing that quite a few still not getting any ... and can't really get my head around why not. It's a strange one this.

#11 notifications

Unfortunately, I doubt I'll know for sure until about 10:30 tonight if mine are working. That is what time I have my evening forecast sent through. Unless we get the rain that is predicted I don't think I can test this. Here's to hoping I am not one of the unlucky ones with no notifications, although it wouldn't surprise me if I were given I continually get doubles of my morning and evening notifications no matter what I try.

#12 Doubles

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Hi Mendi,

Once we've got the update out which we will have to do now ... send me a feedback email please and we can working on fixing the doubles once and for all.

#13 notifications in double

Well, I looked and noticed I think I have a place twice in favorites. Originally, my work zip code and my home zip code were different cities, in spite of only being about 10 miles apart. Now, they're not. So, I've deleted both and will re-add from home and see if that fixes it, as deleting the seeming duplicate favorite wiped out all of my notifications anyway. That said, if I am still getting doubles, I'll definitely let you know.

#14 App Update Submitted

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We've submitted an update to Apple which we hope fixes the notification problems for everyone.

#15 o no!!!!

Well. O NO!!!! I hope this issue gets fixed!!
Regardless of how long it takes to fix the issue, I appreciate you informing us of this. No matter what issue big or small has arised, you've always posted here giving us a heads-up. And accepting feedback from users on updates and issues, as well as keeping up updated on the issues! Keep up the good work!! Know that I appreciate all that you do!!

#16 o no!!!!

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Thanks Dawn.

We've heard back from Apple, our update got rejected because we changed the internal id of the app to try and solve the problem we are getting ... arrrrggghhhh! So, now, we have to solve the problem using the original id ... I have some more ideas I will be trying this weekend.

Will keep you all posted.

#17 I know what you mean!

I know what you mean Weather Gods!! I've had MANY AN ISSUE LIKE THIS, in the frustrating, annoying, and just plain ... well... you know sense! I know that no matter what, you will find a way to solve the issue! And keep us posted! I just don't think the gods are cooperating lately! lol haha
Let's hope they have mercy on you!! lol

#18 Still works

Notification still works for me.

#19 Still works

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Thanks for the update Holger.

I got mine this morning on my iPad which always runs the build on the App Store, rather than a developer build. It's looking much better now ... thankfully :)

#20 Thumbs up to recent Update

This morning I finally got my notifications back. I love your App, keep up the good work. Thanks, Dave

#21 unsure of update

I saw an update along with info that I may have to delete the old before getting the new. I have not done so at this time. Should I go ahead and delete the old app and get the update?, or is it still, sort of, in a testing stage? Other than a lack of updates, the old app works fine. Thanks.

#22 Notifications seem to have gone missing

I saw the comment that the recent update might require resetting notifications and such. Should I do that or wait to see if Apple accepts the new update?

#23 to #21 and 22

I decided to do the Update and figured I would have to delete and redownload, but the update was a success for me, can't say for anyone else. Thanks Dave

#24 Updated the app, no issues

Updated the app, no issues here. Just update as you would normally, and it should work fine.

#25 Update or delete

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Hi All,

We seem to be having a pretty good success rate with an update rather than a delete.

My recommendation is update first, relaunch, check everything and only delete if you are having problems loading or launching the app - but email me first please.


#26 Working splendidly

All appears to be working well for me since updating yesterday. All the notifications I would expect are coming through just fine to the phone and thence to the watch.

#27 update success!

I got the update yesterday and all seems to be working just fine. No delete or reinstall required.

#28 update

Works well. Another success for WG. Good job.

#29 Thanks everybody!

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It's been a hairy, scary update and one I hope I don't have to do again :)

We can get back to working on the good stuff now!

#30 notifications

hello weather gods, I deleted my old version and then grab the new update version, and now I never got my summary notification but the sunset and sunrise notification are still fine, btw I set mine in 7 am and 7 pm still. thanks

#31 notifications

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Hi taichung,

Sorry to hear about the problem, can you send me a feedback email please and I will try and figure it out.