Weather Gods 1.8.1

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Hi All,

Weather Gods 1.8.1 is now live on the App Store.

The main changes are:

- Support for new iPad Pro models
- You can now toggle notifications for individual locations
- Voiceover users now have access to the latest observation - you will find this after the current forecast label.
- Fixed the widget not always working on the iPad
- Chinese localisation
- Many bug fixes and performance improvements throughout.

If you are enjoying your time with Weather Gods then we would love to get some reviews on the App Store please - it helps us with our search rankings.



Love the new update with the latest observation!

Hi Scott,

Thanks for another great update. I love the new latest observation feature. It is concise and very informative.

Just out of curiosity, how often are the latest observations updated?

Thanks again for this fantastic app.

latest observation

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Hi Kris,

Glad you like the new update.

Good question on the latest observation update times. It all depends on the weather station reporting - they are many and varied.

Within the app itself, it will be somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour before we request a new update. However, the update we get back can be as much as six hours old, although, some of them are pretty good.

where to find the update

Rather than looking in the app store, just use the option to check for updates. That should do it.

Scott: Although I haven't tried the update, I already know it will be a good one. They generally are. Thanks for continuing to improve one of my favorite weather apps. Also, have a Merry Christmas!

Thanks Charles

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And a Merry Christmas to you too! Going to try and have a break this year - been doing two jobs for far too long now :)

Same issues

Hello. Today I change my apple watch 3 and complication and continue to have issues with weather gods just giving me wind direction type and gust. I did this with several faces and same issues. Did not matter which face I use. I tried 5 faces and did not change. Using apple watch 3 and iPhone xx and iOS 12.1.4 and current apple watch OoS.

Same issues

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Hi Holger,

I think you are picking up the default complication.

Can you try this please?

1. Load the Apple Watch app on the phone.
2. Swipe all the way down to Weather Gods and double tap
3. Swipe through the configuration options for the different faces and then pick the complication you want to use.
4. Exit back out of the Apple Watch app
5. Launch Weather Gods on the watch, choose a location and then exit back to the main watch screen
6. Check the complication is working with the setting configured in the Apple Watch app.

Hopefully this will help resolve the problems.


Will I need to do this everytime I change face? This was not a problem before. I am not sure what I did but it went back to normal. I see tempeture. Hope not. The reason I like weather god because I was able to get what I needed. PS the only time it work well was with Mickey Mouse.


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Unfortunately yes, the reason is that the complications are specific to the different face types - Apple don't support a unified complication that would work on all faces.

However, there is some good news. If you go through each of the settings for the faces in the watch app configuration then these will be remembered, and next time you switch face, just double tap to load weather gods and we will apply your preferences.

There is one face which I can't get working and that is the photos face. I hope to fix this after we have delivered severe weather alerts.


I did not have any problem until now. Since Dec until now I was able to get the info I needed.


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It is interesting ... not sure what has changed. We haven't pushed any update, although Apple have pushed out some iOS and WatchOS updates.

I haven't installed the latest WatchOS update so I am going to install overnight and have a play tomorrow with the different faces.