a way to determine public transit routes on iOS

I was attempting to figure out how to determine a route from one place to another using public transit busses and /or subways, and was trying to plan a route from one address to another using Google Maps. For some reason nothing happens after I double tap on the navigate button. Could this be because I'd have to know the exact bus stops rather than the actual addresses I'm leaving from and going to? If that is the case, I wonder if any of the gps apps can present a mixed combo of pedestrian and transit routing information when going from point A to point B?


#1 in addendum to transit route problem

Google maps did give me a list of routs to choose from which I can get directions from, along with the estimated time of route and where it'd start from. That's when I try selecting a particular route and then double tapping on navigate, and nothing happens.

#2 My work around.

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I tend to use blind square and google maps to get me to and from public transport, and my local app for public transport to plan when and where I need to get a bus or train. I have found this to be more effective than trying to get a map app to do public transport properly.

#3 Hop Stop

Might I suggest using the Hop Stop app...it's completely accessible with VO and it supports most transit systems in the U.s> Canada and quite a few European countries. It provides literally step by step directions from your given address to the bus stop and then from the stop to your destination. With the appropriate routes and times in between. I've been using it for a year or so now, both at home and in many cities I've visited and I love it. I'm not sure if there's an app review here on the site for Hop Stop, but if not I could easily put one up.

#4 Yes please, could you do a review?

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Wow, what a great app, or at least that is my first impression having just downloaded it and started investigating what it can do. Thank you for sharing.