Slightly quirky and convoluted way to text totally hands free with Apple watch

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One of the biggest complaints about the Apple watch is that its really a two hand device right now. This is some what true for everyone, even sited people, since any manipulation of the watch really requires the use of your right hand, but its especially true for voice over users, because of Apple's poor utilization of raise to speak and Siri. When I am out and about, with my cane in one hand, I often find myself having to stop walking so that I can use the watch with both hands. however, a realization I just had about the hey Siri feature has caused me to realize that there is a way to text with the watch using only the left hand.

A quick warning, what I'm about to describe is very far from ideal and it is, perhaps, totally impractical. What we really need is for Apple to make it where voice over users can simply raise their wrist and use the hey Siri feature, the same way that sited people can. Currently the only way the hey siri feature can be used like this is if raise to speak is on, which has the ridiculous side effect of making voice over yell at you non stop. A tweak to this situation, combined with voice over focus landing automatically on the contents of a dictated text message, would greatly increase the usefulness of the watch.

Any way, hear is the only way to currently send a text message with the watch while keeping your right hand free and the raise to speak feature off.

1. Raise your watch to your nose and tap the screen with it.

I know this is totally silly, but it works and its not quite as stupid as it sounds.

2. Say hey siri and then your command, in this case to text someone.

The watch will listen and then vibrate and bring up the messages app.

3. Say hey Siri again and then say send.

This is the realization that I had about hey Siri; I'm sure everyone els already knew this, but I didn't realize that you could use hey siri to actually send the text message. Previously I thought you had to flick to the send button.

A few notes.

of course this method does not allow you to actually read the contents of your dictated message, so it could get you into annoying trouble really quickly. I would only use it with contacts that would be ok with the occasional poorly dictated message; fortunately the watch does seem to be exceptionally good at understanding speech input. Of course the above technique does not allow you to read incoming text messages, so it can only be used for quick, one time, texts,not entire conversations. At this point its probably really just easier to pull out your phone when your walking with a cane. This is truly unfortunate because the entire situation could be remedied with a few tiny tweaks; a few tiny tweaks that Apple really needs to make.