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I'm moving to a big city over the next couple of weeks and trying to get things sorted for mobility. I did have an apple watch for a while but didn't really find it a useful tool. I was wondering if anyone has been using it as a navigation tool? I understand it can use the haptic engine to steer you etc?

I will be getting a dog but until then will be using a cane. Any feedback greatly appreciated.




Submitted by David on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Iv'e tried using both Google Maps and Aple Maps with my watch, and they don't really do anything different from the phone. I didn't find the haptic feedback sufficiently pronounced for it to be of any use in guiding me in a meaningful way. For example, it can tell you you're approaching a turn, but there's no real way to tell which direction you're supposed to turn. The sound does give you an indication, based on whether the second tone is higher or lower than the first. But in noisy traffic, this is completely inaudible unless you're contorting yourself to hold the watch right next to your ear. At which point, you might as well be holding your phone more comfortably. Yes, if you have BT headphones that might help a bit. But again, it doesn't add anything you couldn't do with the phone in your pocket. That's just my experience though. Others might have more discerning writsts and find the haptic alone at least a guide, if not informative.

Until the apps provide the ability for the user to customise the haptic feedback, the [watch is going to remain limited and largely gimmicky. for such things.