Alternatives to the apple watch activity monitor functions

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The jury is still out on the accessibility on the apple watch it would seem and it got me to thinking what I actually want from the apple watch. One of the more attractive features is the activity monitor which syncs with our humble iPhones. In terms of usability I don't think the apple watch is going to be worth the price tag for us even if it is accessible, it doesn't give a great advantage over what we can do with our phones already but has about the same interaction as a phone. The only advantage is that it is already out. A sighted user will get info at a glance, we're still going to have to manipulate it quite a lot, especially if siri doesn't speak, which seems to be the case.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience of sports bands for heart rate monitoring, motion sensing etc?



Submitted by Tree on Thursday, March 12, 2015

The app has one or two accessibility issues, and from what I understand fitbit might be a more accessible alternative, but I have had pretty good success with the misfit shine. The reason that this option was attractive to me was the price. It retails for less then fifty bucks, and I believe I got an early bird deal on amazon for less then thirty when I purchased it. The unit is a circle, about the size of an american quarter, only thicker. It tracks steps, calories burned, and sleep. It comes with a band for your wrist, as well as a clip for wearing it other places.

As I said there are a few accessibility issues, the biggest of which is that the app does not currently show actual steps. This sounds like a big deal but it isn't really. This is because you can easily read the primary nit of measurement, which is misfit points. Since steps are not exactly accurate in these devices I think the points are pretty useful. Plus you can hook the app up to all kind of if this then that recipes that show you specific step count. I have it set up where it adds my activity to a calendar that I can look through, plus it alerts me when I reach my step count, and it sends daily and weekly emails with activity and sleep info.

I for one can't wait to use the apple watch for activity tracking, since my experience with misfit is not as integrated or as smooth, but for the price its ok. It turns out, to my surprise, that one of the coolest things about having an activity tracker is the sleep it logs. The misfit does a very good job of this, telling you total hours slept as well as how many hours of restful sleep.

hope this info has helped, if you have any questions about the flash I will be happy to share more of my experience.