voices for voice over on apple tv

So i just bought an apple tv today, and i am wanting to know if there is any high quality voices for voice over. The compact voices are hard for me to understand because of my hearing problem.
Thanks in advance.


Afraid not

There is currently only the voice that comes packaged with it, I think she's called Samantha, you can change her rate in the accessibility settings but I'm afraid that is about it.

The only suggestion I can offer is pushing all content to the apple tv from your iOS device using airplay, like netflix etc. I know it's not ideal and sorry I can't give you better news.

Changing language settings?

So if you change the language setting in the Apple TV, you can for instance get the British voice. Will that change the displayed services on your main screen though?

And yes it will.

For instance, it will change from saying movies and tv shows to saying films and tv programmes. I found that you can switch the region independently from the language, but that you do have to go back and set your region properly. You want the benefit of services provided in your own country. I prefer the British voice myself.