Voiceover volume on 5S

Hello! I have problem with Voiceover on 5S. I can not up volume it just gos to 35 persent. Any suggestions?


I am experiencing the same issue.

Hi, I am having this same issue with VO volume only going up to 35% on a 16GB Verizon 5S. I noticed this issue while at the store and I have already reported it to Apple Accessibility via e-mail and follow up phone call. This issue only seems to effect the 5S and not the 5C. In fact the issue was confirmed on a few different Apple employee's personal phones. This behavior is not present on the in store 5S demos because I believe they are using a different disc image for those phones for demo purposes. I have not found a work around for this issue and Apple has not provided me with any feedback as of yet. This seems to affect all voices on the 5S regardless of high quality being enabled or disabled. At first when adding the volume to the rotor you are able to increase the volume up to 90%. However, when flicking back down and then back up the volume gets capped at 35%, very strange. I will keep you all posted if I hear back from Apple. I encourage you all to contact them as well as this appears to be a software issue. hopefully it will be resolved soon. The more people that report this bug the better. Take care.

Pain in the A**

I have this same issue this afternoon. It drove me crazy to figure out how to get some sort of work around with this. Unfortunately, I could not find any, but the pain in the A** way, which is resetting all of my settings to factory default,at least has brought back my volume up. Even so, the volume can only get to 95 percent when you adjust the VO volume from the rotor. Keep in mind, if you don't want to go through the tedious process of bringing back your original settings, I would not recommend you doing this. However, Personally in my case, I couldn't stand the 35 percent volume, so I pulled the trigger and did it. Note: If you decided to do this, just reset the setting, do not as in do not, do the erase all the data part, otherwise, you will lose all your data in the phone. It's just like you restore the entire phone to factory setting.

iPhone 5s Confirmation

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Hello all, This is indeed is a wide spread problem for those only on the iPhone 5s. I have even heard that there are distortion of the Voice Over on these device. That is quite a shame. We hope that Apple will indeed get a fix to this. For now some people are reporting that going to the Apple Settings -> General -> Reset. Do a Reset All Settings. That will get you back in a working fashion. At some point and it is unclear at this time. It does return and not sure what is triggering it go back to this behavior. So I would be curious if what I have mention above does do the trick as a work around or not? HTH

Update..... not really.

Hi, I received an e-mail today from the Apple Accessibility rep I spoke to on Monday night regarding the VO volume. She simply asked that I contact her back but she did not offer any additional information. I left her a voice message but I still have not heard back from her. I will keep you all posted when and if I speak to her. hopefully she will have some good news. Update.... So I heard back from the Apple rep. although she was very pleasant she did not have any good news for me. Let me take the time right now to say that I am in no way frustrated with the rep I spoke to , I understand her hands are tied and she was just giving me instructions based on what she was told to do. Basically Apple wants me to send in my phone so they can look at it to determine what the problem is. this means I will either have to go without a phone for a while in order for apple to be in receipt of my phone before they send me a replacement. The other alternative is that they express ship me a new phone in which I have to secure it on my credit card first and they will reimburse me once I send my phone. I told her I did not want an extra charge on my card even though they will reimburse me once I send in my "old" phone. stranger things have happened and I don't want a mix up or anything to go wrong with the mailing back of the phone and then have to deal with the credit card charge. I explained to her that the issue was not just my phone but apparently with the new 5S phones. I offered to walk her through the steps in order for Apple to replicate the issue on one of their phones. As I expressed to her several times it did not make sense that I send in my phone in order to receive a new phone that has the exact same issue. I explained that this was tested on several 5S's at the Apple store where I bought the phone (look at my first post). I can understand if they were not able to replicate the VO volume on their end and therefore wanted to inspect my phone, but this is not the case. They have apparently not even looked into the issue. I expressed to her that I was not upset with her specifically and I asked if I could speak with the person that directed her to request my phone. she claimed that she could not provide me with that and that sending in my phone was a necessary step. I of course disputed that as I feel they can simply access one of their own phones to replicate this issue. anyway, she is going to contact the Apple store where I bought the phone because I believe they wrote a ticket on this issue. I told her I was willing to go back to the Apple store to exchange my phone so my current 5S could be sent to Apple, even though it will be an exercise in futility. She is going to report back to whomever she reports back to and get back to me with any feedback or updates. So I can't stress the importance of anyone experiencing the VO volume issue on the 5S to please contact Apple. The more people that report this bug the more likely Apple will consider it a software issue across all 5S's and not on one or two phones. Yes I did explain to her that others were experiencing the same issue. I will keep you all posted. take care.

Is this happening only on Verizon

Hey all, thanks so much for posting about this. Voiceover volume only going up to 35% is definitely stopping me from getting an Iphone 5S. I am curious if this issue is only on Verizon, as I didn't notice a volume problem on Michael Hansen's podcast. Thanks

Absolutely not

My dad has an AT&T 5S and it's happening to him,so I know for a fact it's happening with other carriers.

Vo volume

I had that issue, the going to 35% one. Can't you just use the volume buttons to adjust the Vo Volume? I know that everything is going to change, but is n't that easier than having to restore the settings back to factory defaults? Just thought I'd point it out. Also, running on a verizon iPhone 5S.

VO Volume

Hey all, Kind of curious as this issue would prevent me from getting the 5S. When you adjust VO volume using the volume buttons on the side of the phone does that work? I never use VO volume in the rotor which sounds like where the problem is. Just want to make sure I can hear voiceover and if the volume buttons work than that would be fine with me. Thanks for confirming

Yes, volume buttons work

Hi, I never use the rotor either. Adjusting with the volume buttons works fine. I have my sounds set so that phone sounds stay the same like ringer and what not, so controlling VO volume and audio books and music with the buttons don't increase/decrease ringer alerts and such. (iPhone 5S 16gb, iOS 7.0.2)

Volume with the rotor

To be honest, I forgot that setting even existed; I've always adjusted the VO volume with the volume buttons on the side of the phone. That would explain why I didn't notice this bug when I was playing with an iPhone 5S yesterday. Seems like using the volume buttons should be a decent work-around.

VoiceOver volume problem

I discovered the problem with the volume control on the VoiceOver rotor yesterday. I'm also capped at 35% now and I have a 5S 32 gig on the AT&T network. Yes, you can turn up the volume with the volume buttons but it also raises the system volume so that the system sounds are too lowd when VoiceOver is at a good level. I also emailed Apple Accessibility but have not yet received a response. From other comments here, I guess I'll have to reset my settings to fix this. It will be a good exercise in learning what settings I'll need to change when doing this...

Volume issue

Hi Greg, If you can, maybe back up the settings, and restore them from iCloud? Just thought I'd ask. I just get rid of the Vo volume setting in the rotor and just use the volume buttons. And, yes, I do understand that, the system sounds would then be too loud for Vo. Ahh, but what about the turning off of the use volume buttons to adjust system sounds in the sounds pain of the settings screen? Just thought I'd put my two sense in.

Exchanging my phone tomorrow.

Hi folks, So I heard back from the rep from Apple Accessibility. They are still making me jump through hoops by having me exchange my phone tomorrow. Since I just want the issue to finally be looked at and taken seriously I'm willing to go to the store and get an exchange so my current 5S can be looked at. I'm really disappointed at Apples approach to this problem. I mean all they have to do is either look at the feed back they have been getting on this issue or simply open up a brand new phone and see the issue first hand. Nevertheless, after tomorrow they will have my phone and hopefully they will finally begin to address this issue. It just blows my mind that I am going to be exchanging my phone for another phone that has the exact same issue. There I vented, thanks for the therapy session. will keep you posted.

volume issue

Hi Rob, You shouldn't have to exchange your iPhone 5S. I don't think it is an iPhone 5S issue, but something went wrong with the coding with VoiceOver. That is my hypothesis. I have an iPhone 5S and have that issue, however I just use the volume buttons on the phone itself. I deleted the volume function in the VO rotor, os now I do not have to worry about this anymore. Good luck.

Resetting is like killing a fly with a machine gun

Like was mentioned above, go to settings and uncheck control volume with volume buttons. Set phone volume where you like it and then control VO with the buttons. Problem solved. I agree that exchanging the phone is unnecessary since it seems every 5S has the rotor issue. Yes, it's frustrating but there's a work around and an easy one.

During a phone call.

When adjusting voice over volume with the volume buttons what happens during a phone call? Are you still able to increase the volume of the call with the buttons and if so how does that affect voice over? To be honest I just want Apple to finally look at the issue to see what can be done. I appreciate the workarounds, but honestly it's something that is not functioning properly and I think they need to take a look at it. I like to be able to adjust the system sound volume on the fly, so I'm not sure how much I will enjoy the workaround. But it's good to know in the event that I am may be going into a noisy place. So I would first need to reset my settings in order to have a voice over volume increase initially up to 100%? Then going to settings and uncheck use volume buttons for system volume? Is this correct? Because if I do this right now might VO volume is At 35%. Do you happen to know what other settings are affected by the reset? Thanks for the advice.

I'm not sure what my VO

I'm not sure what my VO volume is but it's loud, I know that much. Adjusting with the buttons I don't hear a volume percentage. I never change VO volume while on a call so I can't answer that. And I haven't done a reset so I can't answer that. All I know is I've always used volume buttons to adjust VO since I got my 4 and first iPhone. I get that Apple should look at the problem, I'm just always so afraid they're going to get completely annoyed by the blind and impatience.

I get the whole blind in

I get the whole blind in inpatient thing to a certain degree, however Apple has refused to even recognize that this is an issue. The truth is I'm not asking them to fix the issue right away, just to confirm that there is a bug. They are seemingly refusing to do that at this point. I'm sure you and others will agree that being able to hear voice over outloud and noisy place is critical for us blind users. Frankly they should look to fix the issue right away. believe me I have not been demanding in anyway just simply have told them how ridiculous it is for me to have to exchange my phone just so they can begin to look at the issue. I will keep you all posted after my exchange. Take care


all settings are reset to the factory defaults. If I were you, make a backup of your setting using iCloud, I believe that theres a podcast or an article somewhere for that. Anyway, if you need to reset your settings, they ail be set back to factory defaults, except the premium voice is still active. Hope this helps

After Reset, Will this Bug Reappear?

This 35% volume limit for Voiceover is indeed highly annoying, however, I am wondering if this bug will just reappear again after resetting all settings?

both volume issues are here till they are corrected:

Hi Jim and all, I've had this bug before even beginning to populate the device, setting it up as new, nothing new on it and wham. also, we've got the individual voices volume issue where positioning the slider does not change the behavior of the volume. Apple accessibility and apple are aware of both but have no current solution and do not have a time table for one as usual. In the mean time, we've got deffective devices we payed for as far as VO is concerned which unfortunately, we need in order to use the phones. The individual voices bug I can live with but the 35 percent issue is driving me nuts because I often cannot hear vo when I need do.

Trouble with volume control buttons using ios 7.

I have found the same problem with the volume buttons. My solution: I went into settings/general/accessibility/voice over/rotor and added "volume" to my rotor. When I highlight the volume on the rotor and do a single finger flick up or down I can adjust the volume like before ios 7!

Changing volume with the rotor/volume buttons doesn't work

Hello, all, Hope this finds everyone doing well. I, like so many others, and having the problem with changing the volume with the rotor. That said, neither can I get it to go louder by changing it with the buttons. Any suggestions? I'm using a 64GB iPhone 5s on Verizon running the latest iOS update. Thanks so much! Take care, Shanda

rotor volume stops at 35%

There's no way round this, even though volume is in the rotor, it does not go above 35% and this brings all audio out of balance. try turning the rotor volume all the way down and notice that it will not raise again past 35%.


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I did this tonight. I did the "reset all settings" on my phone. After a couple of moments, Voiceover came back on and it was if I were turning it on for the first time. I immediately then tried raising the volume with the rocker on the side of the phone. Much to my happiness, it worked. I made sure and turned the volume way up so that Voiceover would have lots of wiggle room, then went about resetting all of those settings I liked. What the "reset settings" doesnt' do. IT does not erase content like mail settings and other individual program settings. What "reset settings" does do. You will need to reset your Voiceover settings, and any settings under the Settings app (including pass code, lock screen, and fingerprints), your Wi fi settings, control center, and basically any other systemwide settings that you may have tweaked. Things I would advise. Don't put volume in your roter. Use the buttons on the side of your phone for volume control. Also, make sure that under "sounds", the "change sound volume" button is turned off. I hope this helps someone out there. Please remember that I am not an expert, and any changes you make following these instructions are at your own risk. Hah. Sorry, always wanted to write that.

Addendum to Comment 26

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If you choose to reset your settings, make sure you double tap on "reset settings". Do not ... not ... NOT ... hit "erase content and settings."

What about other devices?

Does this vo volume in rotor only going to 35 percent only happen on iPhone 5s or does it happen on other devices as well?