Voiceover Friendly Brainstorming Apps?

Hi there,

Hoping someone is able to assist me.

I'm looking for an app that allows a group of people to brainstorm and communincate on ideas together. Maybe even something that allows messaging between members of the group. If something like this exists, please do let me know.


#2 sharing with others?

I would like something that also allows people to comment or add to the same node. so kind of like a facebook for brainstorming.

#3 Sharing

In the app description it says:
MindNode allows you to brainstorm, organize & share your thoughts in an intuitive way.
and at the bottom of the description there's also a point about sharing via the webside, so I think this app should have you covered in that regard.

#4 more like facebook

was looking for something more like facebook in other words real time commenting back and forth, not sharing the thing itself.