VoiceOver and Safari

I am an iPhone 5s user who uses zoom and VoiceOver. I have noticed that when I am in safari and do a google search I can't access more than two pages of search results with voiceover on. For example, if I search "dogs" I can scroll to the bottom of the page and click next to see page two, but once I'm on page two I can't go to any further pages unless I turn off voice over, switch pages and re-turn it back on. Has anyone else experienced this, if so is there a work around you have found? I am running iOS 8.4, but also noticed it in 8.3.


VO and Safari.

I don't regularly do any prolonged Safari browsing searching through results, but it would appear, from an initial investigation, that your absolutely correct, it won't allow me to navigate beyond the second page of results. I'd consider this quite a serious bug actually and likely requires addressing unless there's a work around.


I notice the same behavior happens if you use the Googlesearch app instead of Safari as well. However, it doesn't seem to be a problem if you choose Bing. A workaround for the time being perhaps. I'll report this too, but don't know if Its a Google issue or something more fundamental with VO and Safari.


Thank you so much for letting me know about the workaround by using Bing. I truly appreciate it.

No trouble.

I've also found that Duck Duck Go, works as you'd expect so you've another option as well as Bing.


I've noticed this as well. A workaround I found is to use google chrome, which is 100% usable by the way. Then do a google search, or use the advanced search or whatever you want. Then once you've done the search and hit go, the new page loads. After that, go into the menu and there should be a display desktop site button or something similar. This should allow you to hopefully go beyond the two page limit. You'll have to get chrome from the appStore, it's free and totally usable.