Voice based adventure game looking for alpha testers

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Greetings, everybody!

I am working on a game called Voice of the Ancients (VotA). In this game, you are looking for an ancient treasure while you are trying to escape from an evil organization, called Society of the Ancients.

VotA is totally voice-based adventure game, currently supporting english and hungarian languages.

If you want to try a one-level preview, you can install the game from this link:


I really appreciate any feedback you can provide.
In case of any problems or if you need any support, feel free to contact me. My email address is peter.sallai@gmail.com.

Best regards,


#1 Just installed it

I would love to help beta test, I have installed it from test flight. :)

#2 Dear Valari,

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Dear Valari,

Thank you for trying my game. I have just uploaded and updated version to fix the sapphyre bug in the pool chamber. Sorry for this issue.

Best regards,

#3 feedback

hello the volume seems extremely quiet? how long will it take to complete this game? seems ok so far, liking the sounds

#4 Sound volume fix

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Hello Will,

Thank you for trying my game. I have just uploaded a new version with a possible fix for the low audio volume. Can you try it for me? Unfortunately the effect of audio mode settings and voiceover for the playback volume is not well documented, and I have to use a trial and error approach. In my phone the current settings are much better, I am very interested about how it works for you.

I can complete this preview level in 15-20 minutes (I usually test it when I drive to my workplace using carplay), but if you complete it the first time, it may take about an hour. I haven't got any exact data, because currently I am the only person who completed the preview:-)

Best regards,

#5 Completed the preview.

The Game is great and very interesting.
1. The game reminds me of a game that you would play with a google home or a Amazon echo.
2. I believe the audio is great sounds pretty loud to me.
3. The game gives you a feel of suspense when you’re going through every part of the game I believe this is a great attribute for suspense.
4. Overall great game and I did not notice any kind of bug affecting the game. I would keep playing his game when is fully released. Thank you for contributing to the game category.

#6 Congratulations!!!

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Hi Brandon X,

You are the first one, who completed this preview level. Congratulations!

Could you help me with two questions:

- How long did it take to complete the level?
- Wasn't it too hard or frustrating?

Best regards,

#7 Not to challenging.

I would say it took me about 35 minutes. Tip to all players. the help function is a great tool when you are lost.

#8 response to post 1

just for your info i have installed game to my ipod touch 6 gen and will give it a spin latertoday

#9 Fun game

I just installed this the other day, and haven’t had much time to play it yet, but from what I’ve seen so far it sounds great. I’ve never played a game like this before, and I would definitely get it. Thank you so much for making this.

#10 Fun game

It is a very fun game. It took me a little while to complete, but I finished it.

#11 Hi, thank you so much for the

Hi, thank you so much for the work you are doing. I would love to try it but unfortunately I don't understand English very much. Could you also add the Italian language? Thank you!

#12 Italian and other languages

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Hi Maranatà,

Currently I am working on this game as a one man army, and I am unfortunately not familiar with Italian. So adding Italian is not possible now. This is the reason why the game only supports English and Hungarian.

In the next step I want to finish the content of the first two chapters for these languages. I plan 3 chapters and this demo level is the final level of the first chapter. If the first and the second chapter will be ready, I will release the game to the App Store.

However my game engine fully supports localizations and I am searching new team members for content creation and porting the game to other platforms. If somebody with Italian knowledge will join, we can make an Italian translation too.

Best regards,

#13 German

The Game and the Sounds are very nice. But could you translate into German Language?

#14 German

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Hi Slaughter,

Currently I am the only creator of this game and my knowledge of German is very limited. Currently I cannot make the translation. Later I want to get others to the team and if I can find a German speaking guy, we might create a translated version.

Best regards,

#15 Fixed blocking bug

App Developer

Greetings, adventurers!

Two of you reported a serious bug in the game: You could get stuck in the room of the second statue, if you don't have the sapphire with you.
I fixed this bug today morning. It was a content issue and I already released the fix to my content server. If you play the game now it won't affect you, but if you are already locked in the room of the second statue and want to continue your adventure follow these steps:
- Just restart the app and select continue from the menu. The game downloads the new content (you don't have to reset your game)
-Put the diamond to the eye of the statue and pick it up again
-The door should open.

Best regards and sorry for this issue,

#16 German

If you could sent me the Text of this Game, I translate it for you.

#17 Awesome game

Hi I tried the game and you got me on pins and needles I can’t wait to see what happens next keep up the good work and let me know if I can help with anything

#18 German

App Developer

Hi Slaughter,

Thank you, I will send you a private message about it in the next days.

Best regards,

#19 response to post 17

greetings i am eager for more chapters if they are added:) lovethe sounds

#20 Thank you for testing

App Developer

Hi Everybody,

Thank you for your deep and extensive testing. Based on your feedbacks I fixed many annoying bugs. Some statistics:

- 45 of you started to play the game.
- 12 players are completed this preview level.

The above link will be available in the next 80 days, so if somebody want to try the game, it will be available. Meanwhile I start to develop the content of the full first chapter.

Thank you again,

#21 A small request

Can you please add a skill to play this game with my Amazon echo deviceS? Also can I have some help to get back to where you turn the wheel from the statue room?

#22 response to post 20

it was a pleasure testing this preview and i was one of the folks that finished the level, and can't wait for full chapters to come along

#23 expected cost?

It sounds like you are off to a good start and that you have testers who are looking forward to more fun with your game. I just came across this today and have read all of the comments. I will go ahead and get the game and give it a try on my iPhone 8 plus running the latest version of firmware 12. Although it might be too soon for you to tell, do you have an estimated cost of our continuing with this game when it is available through the app store? Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!

#24 Awesome game.

This is a great game with a unique experience. Think of it as a text based adventure game, where all your surroundings and experiences have sounds and you control the game with voice commands. I finished it just now and are looking forward to the next chapter.

#25 Reply to #21

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Hi Lexi,

I plan to create an Amazon Echo version, but I want to finish the content first.
From the room of the other statue go to north several times and you can find the storage room. You should look around in this storage room.

Best regards,

#26 Reply to #23

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Hi Charles,

In the final form, the game will contain 3 episodes. The first episode will be free (this demo level is the final level of the first episode). The second and third chapter will be about 5 USD together.

Best regards,