VO may not be reading all the information from Recent Calls list

Hello,Phone calls as well as voip calls made through various third-party apps are integrated in the IOS Phone app and are displayed under the Recent tab. I'v noticed that VoiceOver, while reading most of it, are not giving the entire information in the list of incoming and outgoing calls. For sighted users there are info whether the the call made or received has beeen a phone call or a voip call from other apps, and even audio or video. But I couldn't seem to get all that info read by VO.


Seems to Work for Me

I recently noticed there was a TTY capability on my iPhone 7, and enabled that just to see what it did. I'm not hard-of-hearing at all, but just wanted to see how this feature performed. VO seems to read everything for me. It even differentiates between TTY calls and voice calls. I suppose I can now turn off the TTY, but currently whenever I make a phone call 2 buttons appear.


it only works for apple's own app, and unfortunately, it does not display the correct information even for apple's own apps.

example 1: facetime sort of works, vo will say something like "Rosetta, Incoming: facetime, 2 calls, iPhone, Farwell, MI". the problem is that the location is not shown on the display, vo just adds it on its own. when you have the caller in your contacts, the location should not show.

if you don't have the caller in your contacts, it'd be a disaster, see example below.

example 2: xxx-xxx-xxxx, incoming, prinston, nj. can you tell what kind of call this is? it looks like a regular call, but it's actually a signal audio call. and there are different situations fall between the two extreme examples.

i believe this is a simple parsing issue, apple simply doesn't want to fix it. very arrogant.

Yes. But even among things

Yes. But even among things that it displays, VO is not reading all of them. What I'm hilighting here is that, at least VO should read all the info that is displayed. @AppleVis team, shouldn't this be considered as an accessibility issue and be advocated? Thanks.