VO Key questions


I have several questions.
They all relate to key commands and Voice Over

1. What is the difference between leaving VO keys locked as compared to un locked?
1a. What is the advantage or disadvantage of doing this?
2. What is the advantage and disadvantage of quick nav?
2a. How does using quick nav make things easier or more difficult?
3. How do I jump to the next button or previous button, next form field etc?
3a. What are the exact key commands? I tried looking under help for go to next button and when I pressed it I was not told what the next button short cut key was, instead I was just taken to one.

I am starting to use JAWS and I like how I do not have to push as many key combinations to interact with the computer and perform the functions.
I would like to try and do the same thing with my Mac.
For example I would like to not have to worry about pressing the VO keys in order to type and know that I am on the cursor is on the same page as Voice Over.

I hope this makes sense

Thank you.


#1 Hi

Hi! In olther to activate qwick nav make sure that in VoiceOver utilities under navigation qwick nav is on, and mark you use 1 key for navigate. I am not remember what the setting or how it's cold.
Wen the option is activated you would navigate in sem shortcat keys like you use in jaws. Hth and good luck!

#2 answering some stuff

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Locking the VoiceOver keys makes it so that you do not have to push them in conjunction with the other keys to carry out commands. SO, for example, if you have the VoiceOver keys locked, instead of pressing VO with space to activate the default button, you could just press space. However, you wouldn't want to keep them locked all the time, as it would interfere with getting around in OSX. If you have used an iDevice in the past, and you like or are familiar with the touch gestures, you can also use the trackpad along with the keyboard commands you already are using. To turn it on, press the VoiceOver keys and use to fingers to perform a right turn on the trackpad. In adition to flicking instead of using the arrow keys and double tappin to activate items, you can also swipe right with 2 finger to interact with items, and to the left to stop interacting with them.
Finally, to get keyboard help, press vo plus K from anywhere within the OS. Press escape to exit this mode.