Video editing in ios

Video Editing In IOS? I do quite a bit of video editing on my Ipad. I am able to make high quality videos that I upload to youtube usin iMovie. Would anyone like me to write a guide on how to do this? Let me know in the comments, and I will get one up soon.


Good idea

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Hi, good idea. I do a bit of You Tube myself but find the editing side pretty tricky with VoiceOver. I am low vision but don't see enough to use iOS very well without VoiceOver. I found iMovie partly useable, but inconsistent and awkward when I tried it a while back, so I'd be very interested to hear how you're doing things. Thanks, Dave.

Have you thought about

Have you thought about recording a podcast on using iMovie with VoiceOver? That could be even more useful than a guide for some people, including myself.


Yes a podcast using iMovie with voiceover would be excellent.

Concerning podcast creation

I would love to create a podcast. Can anyone give me a good solution on how to do this with iOS? Also, I've never submitted one to this site before. Any suggestions? R


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Hi. There is an audio recording app called Hokusai for iOs in which the developer seems to have made a particular effort to make it useable with VoiceOver. I haven't used it a whole lot though, but maybe worth a look.

Video and recording editing

I too would like video and recording editing. What application is best for all. Please keep in mind that I am new to both.

I want to make a video and then convert it to an audio file

Hi. I have been looking for an audio editor for iOS for years. The only one I found that works with VoiceOver is Hokusai, but try to use files longer then about 4 minutes and it crashes. Also, it saves projects in extremely large .wav files. So I have been looking for an audio editor that can handle longer files and store them in smaller compressed formats. I have not found such a thing, so my second idea was to get a video recording app, do my recording and editing, then convert the file to audio when I am done. Most of the editing I want to do is removing unwanted parts of audio as well as splitting and merging files. If I have to convert files to video format before using them in my project that's ok. Any ideas?

iMovie guide wanted for IOS or Mac OS X

Is there any guide or podcast about how to use iMovie as a blind user available please?
I know about Mat Polowskey's videos, which seem not to be available at his Youtube channel any more. Any help, especially about creating and splitting videos will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

iMovie on the iPhone, tutorials and more

Hello everyone.
I recently started a series on YouTube about using iMovie on the iPhone using voiceover. Check it out here. Also, please like, comment, share, and subscribe for more. I'm trying to spread the word in case anyone is interested, but unless I'm a developer on this website, I cannot directly make a post about it.