Using a lightning to 30 pin adapter with a dock and your iPhone 5

I hope this is the right place, if not well someone will fix it. :) I have a bose sound dock two which I enjoy. except we bought it when Apple hadn't changed their conectors yet. Everything i've read on reviews of botht he Apple branded one and the knock off, say that audio isn't transmitted from theconnector. I think it said something about audio not having an augzillery port? Oh my god, urdered that one, sorry, hope someone fixes that. Anyway if i buy the adapter, can i use the phone with the dock as though it were still on the connector? In other words will music play fromt he phone and be broadcast throughthe speaker? Thanks all.


I think so

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I have a speaker dock with the same issue. It is not compatible with the newer iPhones. However, I bought the adapter and plugged the 30-pin connector into the dock and the lightning end into my phone. No problems for me.

Yes, but be careful…

Yes, it will work... But be careful which adaptor you purchase. A friend of mine bought a cheaper adaptor and although he has the ability to charge his phone, he can't get any audio through his dock. I but the bullet and went for the dearer official apple one, twenty five pounds here in Scotland, and I'm happy to say it works fine. Just think of it as being more economical than buying a new dock! Hope that helps.