Using Choice Script on the Mac

I'm wondering if any Mac users have successfully used Choice Script on their Mac, with Voiceover, to create a Choice Of style game.
I've tried a handful of different things, followed the steps on the website, and just generally tried to figure out a solution, but nothing seems to make it work.
Their forums are kind of awkward so I haven't been able to get far with them, although I suppose I could sit down when I have time to devote to it and look into it.
I appreciate any help or ideas that I can get. xo



If you can make a website using HTML--that is, you are comfortable with a text editor and possibly the command line as well as basic web concepts--you should be able to use ChoiceScript. The real issue for screen reader users is the indentation which gets complicated quickly. If you get fed up, you might consider just learning Javascript and making a game for the web using least you'll pick up a more marketable or broadly applicable skill. Choicescript doesn't do much beyond simple variable tracking, the value is really in packaging it all up for multiple platforms.

Definitely an option.

The issue, for me at least, is that the scripts won't run on Safari or Chrome. Because of that, I can't get anywhere with making my own, since it doesn't let me even try the sample one.

Use Firefox

Is there a reason you can't use Firefox? I think you pretty much have to. Just download this link, unzip it, and open the index.html in the web folder in Firefox. Firefox works well with NVDA if you can get your hands on Windows. Honestly, if you're serious about doing this you may have to switch platforms, as the state of accessible text editors in OSX is fairly poor at the moment. I'm on Linux and use Emacspeak, but that's kind of a weird route. I haven't had much success getting Emacspeak to work on OSX, and am not aware of any good robust text editors either.