Use Iphone as an usb drive

I'm looking for an app so I can use my iPhone as an usb drive. I want to be able to plug the iphone into my pc so it comes up in Windows Explorer as a removable disk. Is it possible?


using a iPhone as a usb drive

Yes it is possible there are three applications that will do this two of them are for windows and mac and the third one is just for windows users. The three applications are iTools, iExplorer, and iPhone x drive. The three applications I have mentioned will turn you're phone in to a external usb drive so you can transfer files.


Hi I'm curious guys; Could give more details about the possible programs mentions above I use Windows machine What program is better? What program is more accessible using screen reading? What's the differences between each one? And there some guide Orr audio podcast where can I listen how does it work? I never have done it before. Thanks.


Ok. So I have to install a program on the computer I want to connect my Iphone to so it works as an usb drive? I thought about an app on my Iphone that get my Iphone work as an usb drive so I can connect to wish computer I want without installing a program on it.

Phone Drive

Give phone drive a shot. You can transfer stuff to your phone via either iTunes, or if you have a dropbox account you can put the files you want transferred into the root of your dropbox folders, and then you can open them up in phone drive. They'll show up in a folder called import. There is an applevis podcast about the app so just do some searching and it's there.

I use phone drive

I use phone drive but However Phone Drive has many unlabeled buttons, Phone drive is not the best solution. iTunes is good software, amazing to backup and save all your files. However they're not choice to manage photos and videos From the camera roll not even iTunes or iCloud work to photos and videos


if your device is jail-broken, then a $12 tweak called pwnTunes from the default repo will do exactly what you want. however, its description states that there is currently a problem with copying to and from windows8.

A few questions and some clearifications

Hi, all. I use Phone Drive and have found that it works well. As mentioned in a previous comment, you can sync Dropbox with Phone Drive. Also, you can connect it as a NetWork folder to your Windows machine. If this doesn't work, there is a websight that allows you to upload files and download folders and/or files. I also have some questions about some of the other apps mentioned. Can these apps also be used on an iDevice that is not Jailbroken? If not, can anyone help me JailBreak my iPod Touch fourth generation running iOS 6? I have the latist version that came out about a week ago.

Re: iTools, iExplorer, and iPhone x drive

I thought that an i-device had to be jailbroken before any such application would work, but hopefully I'm wrong. Which of the three programs is most accessible with JAWS? I would love to be able to manage the files on my i-devices on my PC without jailbreaking and voiding the warranties.

do not use IExplorer with

do not use IExplorer with windows. I tried it and it is not accessible, at least with nvda. You cannot see the other side of the tree view.

Phone drive is accessible for osx and to import videos for osx use image capture. that is the easiest way to import using the mac. as for windows you are sort of out of luck as there are not many accessible programs at least with nvda that I have found to work at all.

There is a program called usb disk, for iOS, but I am not sure it will do what you want it to do.

Take care.