updating an Apple Tv

I have had an apple Tv for almost two years. When an update is available, can I update the apple Tv, or do I need to buy a new one? If I can update it, how do I do that? thank you.


Which generation of Apple TV

Which generation of Apple TV do you have. If you have the fourth generation Apple TV, it will be compatible with tvOS 10. To update the 4th generation Apple TV, make sure that you are on the home screen and swipe to the right on the Siri touch remote until you hear "settings." Then open the settings app and swipe down until you hear "system." Open the system settings and the software update function will appear. Click on software update and the Apple TV will check to see if there are any software updates available. Hope this helps.

You must be using either the

You must be using either the second or third generation judging by how long you've had your Apple TV. I'm afraid to say, you will have to buy a new Apple TV as these generations, the third as of recently, has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. Your only option then is the fourth generation Apple TV which will be supported for the forseeable future.