Updated IOS 8.1.2 now game announcers have a bad cold

I updated to IOS 8.1.2 and now all of my games such as, Bord at Work BlackJack, Catch 52 and Blindfold Cryptogram sound like the announcers have a bad cold. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but they still sound the same. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Same here on my 6

I doubt this is IOS directly. All my games by the board at work black jack guys are broken. We will just have have to wait for them to release an update. Make sure you let the dev know so they don't just brush you off man...Rocker

My Seri was acting up also so

My Seri was acting up also so i did the reinstall and the game was still the same. Thanks for your suggestion Marrie


I wrote to them... I'll hope they'll update soon.

mine works just fine

My bored at work blackjack game works just as it should. I'm thinking you may not have the HQ voices installed on your phone? Remember games like bored at work blackjack and others are self-voicing, and in some cases are slightly changed to give it a more animated effect. So it might just be how the voice sounds no matter what.