Watching movies, iTunes U and TED Talks with Apple TV?

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Iʻm looking for ways to watch TV with just audio.
In US, some shows work well for me with Roku headphones option when the show is playing on TV.
But I need recommendations for Apple TV - how do you watch TV with it?
I watch RAI on iPhone with headphones - itʻs perfect for me, as Italian TV works well for me without having to see whatʻs on the screen. And even Hollywood movies are completely diffferent in the dubbed versions.
What Iʻd love is MORE options for blind movies. Iʻd love to listen to new movies in Italy that are not avaiable in the US (without even having to see the movie - Iʻd love to hear some movies multiple times, and maybe transcribe them to others later).
I realize I should try several dubbed TV countries options to see what TVs and languages work for me... So meanwhile if anyoneʻs found some ʻaccidentalʻ ways to watch TV, Iʻd love to see/hear more.
Oh, and closed captioning in braille would be cool.