Can anyone else confirm that subscribing on youtube on apple TV gen 4 is problematic?

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I'm trying to log into my youtube app to see my subscriptions. I click on 'sign in' in the settings menu and... Nada... it goes silent. I tried to proceed by typing in my email and password and hoping for the best, again, nothing. Anyone else having the same experience? I had a look on the forum but found no mention. For your sake I hope it works, for mine, I hope it doesn't so someone can help me out of this unsubscribed limbo.



Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Just for anyone who is in the same boat, you have to use the rotor on the Siri remote to get to explore mode once you have clicked on subscribe, this will then give you the information:

Go to

and you will be given a code for the activation of your apple TV 4th generation. You will have to be logged into your google account associated with your youtube account on the device that you are authorising it on.