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Hi everyone,

So the other day sky announced that, as well as all the other streaming services such as Disney, amazon, BBC etc, it will soon be offering Apple TV plus on its platforms. For those who are not aware, sky has now got two platforms, sky q, which is the dish and box combo which has speech on it for sky's own content though not for streaming services, and sky glass which is the all in one TV with great sound and an oS that basically does it all. In my view it is what the Apple TV should have been, anyway... This isn't yet voiced but it is coming next year though it does have the ability to be controlled by voice...

Anyway... This is all a bit off topic. The most interesting part of this announcement, for me at least, is that sky go is finally coming to Apple TV. I'm not sure how it will work, but even if it is just a jump from the IOS version to Apple TV, that will be great. As yet there is no mention of audio description though. Sky go is the portable means of watching sky channels, excluding BBC due to certai licences unless you are on your home network with the main sky equipment. The article is here for any who are interested:…

But it does suggest why the now tv app, a cheaper branch of sky, has been slow in development and substandard in delivery. They obviously wanted sky go, along with the more expensive package it entails, to be the preferable purchasing choice.

Live TV on Apple TV here in the UK is a very exciting prospect. I've used the channels app with the HDHomerun, but there is no integration of audio description here in the UK and they don't seem to care much so this is most exciting.

Just thought the handful of other apple nerds from this little gathering of islands might be interested.





Submitted by elliot2012 on Sunday, November 7, 2021

Yeah really looking forward to seeing how this plays out, sky go on AppleTV would be great, and even better if it has audio description and/or access to recordings on your sky Q box. Just have to wait-and-see though as not sure all this will be integrated from the start at least

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Sunday, November 7, 2021

I have a feeling recordings will be phased out as they are moving to playlists, so grabbing down from a server rather than local storage but it has been confirmed elsewhere that AD is coming to sky's catchup offerings so this, hopefully, means that something similar will be available on sky go. How it works with BBC etc and catchup remains to be seen as there is already iPlayer on the Apple TV so can't imagine they'd want to double up such things. Also 'Sky Go' seems a daft name for a stationary device.

Submitted by elliot2012 on Sunday, November 7, 2021

Agreed. Hopefully AD will be added to on demand content as well as being available with live programming on the app

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