Apple TV 4th generation and Voice Over options with the most recent update

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I am struggling with using the voice over settings after updating to the most recent firmware.
First, I am not sure what all of the options do. I tried looking up definitions for the different setting options, and was not succesfful in finding some of the answers.
Does anyone know what the following Voice Over settings do?
-Mute Alerts
– Read Screen after Delay
– how the volume option in voice over settings is different from the regular volume?
–Are there only certain places on the apple tv where hints works?

Can anyone explain what the difference is between direct touch and explore ?
(I have fine motor issues, so using the rotor on such a small area is a little difficult for me.)
Is it possible to control the apple tv using a bluetooth keyboard instead of the remote?

Thank you.



Submitted by Hillary on Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hi Jennifer M!
Yes, you can connect a standard Bluetooth keyboard to the Apple TV. You can also use the Remote App on iPhone etc. But I have not had good luck with it using VoiceOver and Siri that way. You might also consider getting one of the older generation remotes that doesn't have the track area but only buttons.

Here's a link to Apple's info on Apple TV accessibility, however it seems pretty incomplete.